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ADHD Natural Alternative Treatments & Natural Cures



Omega 3 Oil as Natural Cure for ADHD

ADHD is commonly associated with behavioral problems.  If you find that your child is having behavior issues in school and the teacher is recommending medication, evaluate their diet first.  You may notice other ways that the disease manifests itself in your child.  Those that suffer from ADHD commonly are deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Have you noticed that your child is frequently urinating, is always thirsty and has dry hair and skin?  If so, try to ADHD more Omega 3s to their diet.  If your child won't eat the foods that are rich in Omega 3s, consider Adding an Omega 3 supplement to their daily treatment.  This simple natural cure for ADHD is a very popular way to treat the malady. 

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Food Allergies

If you are struggling to treat your child's ADHD naturally, you may want to also evaluate their diet.  It is common for children with ADHD to also suffer from food allergies.  The most common foods that cause these allergic reactions are artificial colors and preservatives, peanuts, chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, soy, yeast, corn, wheat and various and all dairy products.  When children ingest these foods while suffering from allergic reactions to them, they are losing essential vitamins and and zinc.  This is extremely dangers for children, as their bodies need all vitamins to properly grow and function.  Zinc is lost at an alarming rate when food dye is ingested.  Research has shown that ADHD symptoms and general hyperactivity are displayed at a much lower level when these foods are eliminated from the child's diet.  If these foods were introduced back to the childrens' diet, the ADHD and hyperactivity returned. 

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Another interesting thing to note regarding children's diets and ADHD is to have your child's iron levels checked.  Iron levels are evaluated by measuring the serum ferritin levels in an individual's blood.  Approximately one third of children with ADHD have shown to have low iron levels.  One should also note that the lower the iron levels, the more pronounced the ADHD symptoms and hyperactivity.  Some experts believe that low iron reserves actually explain ADHD cases in some people.  Have your child's iron levels evaluated before you begin an iron supplement regimen.  If an excess of iron is stored in the body, serious complications and health problems can occur.  Instead, try to get your child to eat a balanced diet rich in plant foods and low in animal products.  Simply improving the diet and eating more whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables can greatly increase iron levels.  It is also best to obtain iron through food and not through vitamins and supplements, as iron is more easily absorbed by the body when ingested in the natural way. 

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Avoid Milk

Some “medical professionals” will tell you that milk is a healthy choice.  The truth is that milk is actually a very poor beverage with no nutritional value.  Milk is actually boiled because it contains large amounts of puss and bacteria.  These horrible additions to your drink result from cow's udders being infected because they are forced to continually produce milk.  Any nutrient that was naturally found in milk is killed during this boiling process.  Even without the boiling procedure, the cows that produce most milk consumed in this country are pumped full of antibiotics and bovine growth hormones so they can produce more milk in shorter amount of time.  By consuming high amounts of milk, children are making their ADHD symptoms much worse.  Instead, parents should have their children drink lots of water.  Fruit and vegetable juices are also fine, but should be made fresh at home.  Avoid purchasing fruit juice in the grocery store, as most mass produced juice tends to be very high in added sugars. 

* * *

A complete nutritional overhaul is perhaps one of the most effective ways to treat ADHD naturally.  This simple change is very powerful when used to treat ADHD, lower rates of hyperactivity and improve one's quality of life overall.  It's no secret that a diet that uses high amount of plant foods is best for our bodies.  Broccoli is one of the most nutritious foods, and is great for improving iron levels and treating ADHD.  However, be sure you choose the best type of broccoli so that you reap the most benefits from the nutritious vegetable.  It has been proven that broccoli that is grown organically not only is safer due to the lack of chemicals and pesticides, but it contains more vitamins and is overall more nutritious than traditional commercially grown broccoli.  While is theory has been proven with broccoli, it is thought that other vegetables that are grown in a non-organic setting are also less nutritious than their organic counterparts.  Be sure to feed your children organically grown vegetables to avoid the chemicals, pesticides and genetically engineered produce.  Skimping on organic produce can rob your children of an otherwise adequate and nutritious diet.  ADHD can be treated naturally and effective with diet and nutrition, but it is imperative that we make the best choices. 

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The body is a very complex and fascinating machine.  The human body is bogged down when we fill our stomachs with processed foods and artificial ingredients and preservatives.  These foods that are bad choices and can exacerbate ADHD symptoms include all processed foods, processed flour and excessive intake of milk and dairy products.  When these foods are eaten, the body has a very difficult time extracting the few vitamins and minerals that these foods do offer.  Instead, we should try to eat a healthy diet full of fiber and complex carbs.  By eating these foods, ADHD symptoms are better managed because the body is able to properly absorb the vitamins and minerals that it needs to function.  When bad food choices are made, the body is not only unable to absorb necessary nutrients, but is also adversely affects the digestive tract.  It makes the body's sensitive digestive tract inefficient at absorbing vitamins and gaining that all too important healthy nutrition. 


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