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ADHD Alternative Natural Treatments, Remedies & Cures



Diet as Natural Cure and Treatment for ADHD

It isn't easy to completely overhaul and change your child's diet.  A complete dietary makeover is difficult for adults, and it is also difficult for children to adjust to as well.  Begin the transition by substituting some of their favorite foods with more healthy choices.  Instead of allowing your children to consume sugary sodas and Cola, instead, try to get them to drink juice.  Yes, juice is very high in sugar as well, but it's a much better choice than sugary soda pop.  Once your children become accustomed to drinking juice, transition them to water with lemon added to it.  Ideally, you'll want to transition your children to drinking only water and to have juice as a special treat every once in awhile.  When choosing a juice for your children (or yourself!), try to squeeze your own at home.  If this isn't possible, be smart when picking out your juice in the grocery store.   Choose a juice that is made with organic produce and adds no sugars.  You will be surprised by how quickly your child's ADHD symptoms will be managed by this simple natural change in diet. 

* * *

One of the first things that most doctors will try to do for a child with ADHD or any hyperactivity symptoms is to medicate them.  Instead of allowing the medical community to poison your child with pills that only benefit the pharmaceutical companies, try making dietary and lifestyle changes first.  Statistics show that children with ADHD that were treated solely with medication (as opposed to treating ADHD naturally through diet, or through a combination of low amounts of medication in conjunction with a healthy, plant based diet) tended to show a high risk for marijuana possession, a higher frequency of alcohol intoxication, involvement in vandalism and other petty crimes later in their lives.  Do not allow your child to become one of these statistics! Instead, provide treatment for ADHD naturally and sensibly through diet. 

* * *

For anyone suffering from ADHD, the complications of the disorder can be frustrating.  If you find that you or your child have difficulty sitting still, concentrating, finishing tasks or keeping organized, you may want to evaluate diet as part of your ADHD treatment plan.  There is lots of research to claim that Omega 3 deficiency is common in people with ADHD.  To combat this issue, flax seed oil is one of the best supplements to increase the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in the body.  Flax seed and flax seed oil are the richest plant sources of Omega 3s on Earth.  To reap the benefits of this miracle oil, simply try to ingest one to two tablespoons everyday.  This is an essential part of anyone's diet if they are suffering from ADHD. 

* * *

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil can be incorporated into the diet using lots of different methods.  This oil is extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is crucial to treating ADHD.  Try mixing a tablespoon of the oil into your favorite flavored yogurt.  You can try to add a few tablespoons to chicken, egg or tuna salad.  This method is preferable when making any type of cream-dressing based salad, as you can reduce the amount of mayonnaise or Miracle Whip needed when using some flax seed oil.  Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get a serving of fruit and protein, and adding some flax seed oil to a smoothie does not alter the taste at all.  If you use a lot of butter, at least make it more healthy for you and your ADHD symptoms by melting a stick of organic butter, then mixing with four ounces of flax seed oil.  Once thoroughly mixed, refrigerate again until solidified.  One of my favorite ways to incorporate more flax seed oil into my diet to my healthy version of ice cream.  This is an especially wonderful recipe for kids, too.  Try mixing two cups of organic yogurt (without casein) with a tablespoon of flax seed oil with as much fresh or frozen fruit as you like.  Freeze the mixture and serve when thoroughly frozen.  This healthy substitute for ice cream is a great way to boost Omega 3 consumption while providing natural alternative treatment for ADHD. 

* * *

ADHD can be made worse with poor diet choices.  Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are all terrible for ADHD.  These substances actually negatively affect your mood and dehydrate the body.  Each of these substances are also highly addictive.  While caffeine may seem to improve concentration for a short time, it is actually adversely affecting you in the long run, because it decreases blood flow to the brain.  This actually makes concentration more difficult.  Instead, make healthy diet choices and avoid these substances to naturally treat ADHD. 

* * *

It is no secret that sugary sodas and juices are very poor choices for someone trying to manage their ADHD with diet, but it's important to know that seemingly harmless beverages are actually equally as awful.  One of the more surprisingly bad choices for managing ADHD naturally is dairy products.  The most harmful of these is actually cow's milk.  Instead of drinking milk, try almond, rice or soy milk.  Another smart choice to to simply drink water.  Our bodies are mostly composed of water and our brains depend on it to function properly.  Increasing your water intake to about ten glasses per day will yield a vast improvement in ADHD symptoms.  Also, be sure that you're only drinking water.  Powdered mixes, Gatorade and other processed drinks do not actually count as water.  Most of these products contain artificial ingredients and should be avoided.  If you are trying to increase your water intake to control ADHD naturally, then drink only water. 

* * *

Avoid Yellow Foods

Avoid yellow foods if you are trying to treat ADHD naturally with your diet.  Be sure to especially avoid yellow corn or squash.  Bananas are actually considered a white food, but obviously, the yellow peel should be discarded. 

* * *

Avoid Processed Foods

It has been repeatedly proven that ADHD can be effectively managed naturally through diet.  One of the best alternative treatments for ADHD that does not include medication is to simply eat only natural foods.  Avoid all processed foods.  A good rule of thumb is that if you have to unwrap the food, do not eat it.


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