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Cystitis Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



Cucumber Juice

A great natural treatment for cystitis is juice from a cucumber.  Cucumber juice is also a very good diuretic.  Make about 4 ounces of cucumber juice three times a day and drink it.  Add juice from a half of a lime and a little honey.


You can juice some drumstick flowers (craspedia globosa) as a very effective cystitis natural remedy.  Mix a tablespoon of juice from these flowers with 4 ounces of fresh (if available) coconut water.  Drink this concoction twice a day.  The drumstick flower helps to relieve inflammation, get rid of infection and also it is a diuretic.


Radish Leaves Cystitis Home Remedy

Another excellent cystitis home remedy is radish leaves.  Juice these leaves and take it in the morning.


Try eating okra to cure a bladder infection (cystitis).  You can eat the pods raw or steam them.


Take four ounces of freshly juiced spinach leaves and mix with four ounces of tender coconut water twice a day.  Spinach juice is quite useful for treating this affliction and is a good diuretic as it has the combination of nitrates and potassium.


Cranberry Juice

Get some fresh cranberries and juice them.  This is better than buying bottled cranberry juice which has been cooked and pasteurized.  Fresh cranberries still have all of their healing enzymes intact.  If you can’t find fresh cranberries, the second best is bottled.  In that case avoid juice that has added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  Sugar in any form makes inflammation worse.  This is one of the best cystitis natural treatments.


If you are suffering from cystitis, be certain to drink plenty of water.  This keeps the bladder and urinary tract flushed out so that bacteria cannot multiply so readily.


Cucumber juice is always a great natural remedy for cystitis.  You can use it in combination with cranberry juice.


At the first hint of cystitis, use essential oils to stop the advancing infection.  Most essential oils are powerful antiseptics and can be used successfully for this and other infections.  Mix a few drops in a cup of water before getting in the shower.  With your hand use the mixture to thoroughly wash your vaginal area.  Some of the best oils for cystitis are sandalwood, lemon, chamomile and bergamot.  Also as a different twist on this cystitis home remedy, you can also make up a hot water bottle then put a warm damp cloth with a few drops of essential oil on your abdomen and place the hot water bottle on that.


There are some very good herbal cystitis natural treatments.  First of all drink plenty of water to keep the urinary tract flushed out.  Meadowsweet and chamomile are useful in reducing inflammation.  Buchu leaf tea can be drunk as a good anti-microbial for the urinary tract and is also anti-inflammatory.  Another good tea with antiseptic properties is bearberry.  This is often recommended after the infection has gone down to clear the infection and heal the tissues.



Homeopathy works best if you see a practitioner because the treatment for cystitis will be different from person to person depending on the makeup and overall health criteria of the individual.  Some remedies you can try that will be generally useful are:

Staphysagria – Use when the area around the vulva is bruised or sore.  This is sometimes call “honeymoon cystitis.”

Pulsatilla – Use when there is a great feeling of urgency to urinate.  Urine may leak when one coughs or laughs.

Cantharis – use this for the standard cystitis symptoms.  This would include burning pain when urinating and the urge to urinate frequently.


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