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Fingernail Natural Treatments & Remedies



Be sure to be aware of any potential and dangerous solutions that your nails may be constantly exposed to.  For instance, if you're a bartender this may be citrus fruit juice.  If you're a janitor, this may be harmful cleaning products.  If you do lots of housework, it's exposed to lots of cleansers, moisture and detergents.  If your hands are always being exposed to elements like this, try to always wear gloves when exposing your nails to the potentially harmful substances.  Also, be sure to keep your nails trimmed short.  If your nails are short, then there's less of a chance that you'll damage them. 

* * *

Be careful not to damage your nails yourself.  Don't use your fingernails in the place of any tool (a scraper, screwdriver, etc).  Avoid slamming your nail in a drawer or hitting it with a hammer.  These actions can cause a severe injury to your nail, which invites infection, stunted growth or unsightly bruises. Perhaps one of the best natural treatments for fingernails is to simply avoid any trauma to your nails. 

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Adding lots of gelatin to your diet will not make your nails stronger.  This is not a great natural treatment for nails.  Instead, be sure to focus on getting enough essential vitamins and minerals.

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Fingernail vitality can be quickly restored naturally with sunflower oil.  Simply soak your nails in sunflower oil every day for about fifteen minutes.  This natural treatment really works wonders at restoring fingernail health. 

* * *

A simple emery board is a very effective natural treatment for fingernails.  It's important that you keep up with this treatment and try to do it regularly.  If you do, then you'll definitely see an improvement in your nails.  Simply use the emery board on your nails, and be sure to use the emery board on top of your nails as well.  This helps to get rid of the unsightly ridges in your nails and also stimulates cell growth.  You can also find an emery board that has the rubbery side that will make your nails shine.

* * *

Adding fiber to your diet is an excellent natural remedy for peeling or brittle fingernails. 

* * *

Biotin supplements (these can be found at your local drug store) are an excellent addition to your daily beauty regimen for naturally healthy nails.  Not only will biotin naturally improve your hair's appearance, but it will also improve nail health as well.  After about one month, you'll notice that they'll grow stronger and more quickly.

* * *

To naturally strengthen fingernails, try to soak your nails in glycerin for about ten minutes every night before retiring to bed.  If you don't have glycerin, you can also use extra virgin olive oil for about fifteen minutes.  This is a very effective natural treatment for brittle fingernails. 

* * *

Glucosimine chondroitin is another great natural treatment for fingernails.  After taking this for some time, you'll find that you'll be able to grow healthy fingernails.


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