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Frequent Urination Natural Treatments and Home Remedies



A kidney herb known as dodder is a fantastic natural treatment for frequent urination.  This herb treats not only an overactive bladder, but also helps with kidney problems as well.  The capsule is actually made using the seed of this plant.  Dodder can also be consumed in tablets or as a tea.  If you choose to consume this seed as a tea, try one to two cups every day for the maximum benefits. 

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Using Valarian Root Home Remedy for Frequent Urination

Valerian is also very effective at treating a urinary tract infection, which can be a cause of frequent urination.  Valerian herb will stop muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles that cause an overactive bladder and frequent urination. 

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Ginseng Natural Treatment for Frequent Urination

Panax ginseng is a natural herb that the Chinese have used for many thousands of years.  Not only does panax ginseng treat frequent urination and incontinence, but it also lowers blood sugar and helps to strengthen your immune system.

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As a female, if you experience frequent urination or incontinence because of an overactive bladder, Kegel exercises are a wonderfully simple treatment that you can do at home, or anywhere.  These exercises help to strengthen and restore the muscles in the area.  These exercises should be done about thirty to eighty times daily.  You'll begin to notice significant changes within about eight weeks of starting the exercises. 

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Women can naturally treat frequent urination by strengthening and tightening the muscles in the vagina.  This can be achieved using vaginal weights.  These should be done twice daily for fifteen minutes at a time.  Before attempting to begin a vaginal weight routine, talk to your healthcare provider first to ensure that your frequent urination can be helped by using this method. 

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One of the best treatments for frequent urination is to be sure to fully empty the bladder each time you urinate.  If you aren't completely eliminating everything from the bladder, you're allowing less time to pass between trips to the bathroom, as the bladder is never fully empty. 

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Magnesium Treatment for Frequent Urination

For females experiencing trouble with frequent urination, consuming one teaspoon of magnesium hydroxide every day can help decrease your number of trips to the bathroom.  This can be found in milk of magnesia.  Men can use an herb called saw palmetto to treat their frequent urination problems.  This herb is especially helpful if the frequent urination is found to be related to an issue with the prostate gland.  One capsule daily (usually a 320 milligram dose) is the typical recommended dosage.  However, you should always contact your healthcare provider to be sure that you are giving yourself the correct dose.  These are some of the best home remedies for frequent urination.

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