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Frostbite Natural Treatments



Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine should not be used by an individual suffering from frostbite.  These substances will constrict the blood vessels and will cause further damage. 

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If the case of frostbite is mild, fortunately, the skin and tissues will begin to heal quickly, almost immediately.  It may take six months to a full year to realize the full recovery of a frostbitten area.  During the recovery time, the individual may experience sensitivity to extreme temperatures, tingling and a burning sensation in the affected area.  These sensations will decrease will time, as the frostbitten area gradually heals. 

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A great treatment for frostbite is to maintain constant and uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact with another animal or human being until medical help is available.  The body heat produced and shared between animals and individuals can greatly help to inhibit the progression of frostbite.  This is a very good home remedy for frostbite.

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Once the frostbite is noticed, it needs to be treated immediately.  The first treatment should be to cover the affected tissue loosely with a cotton material or cloth that is completely dry.  This can help to prevent the area from cooling more than it already has

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Blood flow should be encouraged to help treat frostbite.  This can be done by removing any restrictive clothing or jewelry and simply keeping the individual moving.  While it isn't advised to walk on frostbitten feet, any movement that the victim can do to keep their heart rate up and blood flowing will help to keep some blood flowing to the affected area. 

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One of the best treatments for frostbite is to stay put and stay warm.  Of course, you should immediately move to a warmer area if it is safe and possible.  Once in a warmer area, try not to move.  This should begin to thaw the frostbite.  If you are going to have to move from your warmer area and there is a chance that the frostbitten area will re-freeze, do not begin to thaw it.  A freeze and thawing cycle can cause great tissue damage.  Do not apply any pressure to the frostbitten area or hit or strike it in any way.  The frostbitten skin should be treated gently both while the frostbite is on the skin, and after the skin has thawed.  This is a very injured area and will take time to heal.

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Quick Thaw Frostbite Treatment

Thawing the frostbitten tissue is one of the best and most effective treatments for the injury.  This cannot be a gradual thaw, rather, it must be done quickly and the best way to accomplish this is by thawing the area in a bathtub.  Do not try to sit by a warm campfire, stove or oven to thaw out the frostbitten skin.  A soak in a warm bath is the best way to thaw frostbitten skin.  The water temperature should be approximately ten degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than the normal body temperature, so the bath water should be about 102 to 111 degrees.  The dry heat of a fire or stove will only burn the frostbitten tissue.  This is because nerve endings in frostbitten tissue are unable to signal the brain to tell you that you're in danger of burning yourself. 

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Anything metal should be avoided.  This includes metal machine controls and steel toe boots.  Even if you are otherwise prepared, coming in contact with cold metal can quickly cause tissue to become frost bitten.  If you must handle cold metal in weather conditions that can contribute to frostbite, be sure to take every necessary precaution, including protective clothing like warm wool socks, gloves and mittens.


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