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Fungal Infection Natural Remedies, Treatments & Cures



Diet Home Remedy for Fungal Infections

 It's no secret that diet plays a vital role in your health.  Instead of treating your fungal infections with topical treatments, try adjusting your diet to treat the infection internally.  Try to consume more probiotics every day.  Probiotics are good bacteria that can help your body get rid of a fungal infection.  You'll find probiotics in foods like kefir and yogurt.  Another good way to treat fungal infections with diet is to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of refined carbohydrates in your diet.  Refined carbohydrates include dairy products, sugar and vinegar.  While toenail fungus isn't really caused by anything dietary (it's caused by excess moisture around the nail for an extended period of time), a balanced and healthy diet can greatly boost the effectiveness of any topical treatment that you're currently using to get rid of the nail fungus.  Olive leaf extract also contains lots of anti-fungal properties.  Having a healthy diet will not only increase the effectiveness of any topical treatment, but it can help to strengthen your immune system and can minimize the chances of another fungal infection in the future.  This is one of the best natural treatments for fungal infections.

* * *

Perhaps one of the best treatments for fungal infections is prevention.  It's common knowledge that fungus can be spread in moist areas that have lots of traffic like locker rooms, showers, swimming pools and spas.  If you must walk around common areas that are always wet, be sure to wear flip flops and to keep feet thoroughly washed and well dried.  This is a very important safeguard to keep fungal infections at bay.  It can take weeks or months to see full results from a fungal remedy, so treating immediately at the first sign of infection is extremely important.  If the treatment of the fungal infection is not done diligently, then the infection will only be prolonged and can spread to other areas of the foot.  Not only can the fungal infection spread to other areas on your body, but you also increase the risk of spreading the fungal infection to others that also frequent the same common areas that you do.  Prolonged treatment of fungal infections will require stronger medications for a much longer period of time. 

* * *

Another great way to prevent fungal infections is to always wear cotton socks.  Cotton is very absorbent and will absorb any moisture from the feet as they sweat throughout the day.  This happens as feet warm up due to wearing enclosed footwear.  Ideally, if you're prone to fungal infections on the feet, sandals or other open shoes should be worn.  If this isn't feasible, the feet should at least be aired out periodically and cotton socks should be worn to absorb some of the moisture. 

* * *

Try changing socks throughout the day.  If you have very sweaty socks, change out of the damp pair into a dry pair.  Be sure to dry your feet between pairs with a clean cotton towel to remove any excess moisture and sweat from your feet. 

* * *

Don't share shoes, washcloths, towels, or any other personal items with someone who has had fungal infections in the past.  While this is not only a matter of personal hygiene, fungus can thrive on moist surfaces like towels and the insides of shoes.  By sharing these items, you are only exposing yourself to a fungal infection. 

* * *

Good nail care goes a long way to naturally prevent fungal infections.  Nails should be trimmed regularly and kept cut short.  Always trim nails in a straight line and be sure to smooth any rough edges  with a nail file. 

* * *

Bleach as Fungal Infection Treatment

A great home treatment for fungal infections on a toenail is to thoroughly wash feet with anti-bacterial soap.  Dry your feet completely using a clean cotton towel.  Once the nails and feet are completely dry, wipe each nail with a cotton swab that has been dipped in a small amount of bleach.  Once the bleach has dried on each nail, add a drop of tea tree oil to the affected nail.  After the tea tree oil has dried, coat the nail with vapor rub.  Repeat this treatment twice daily, and allow feet to breathe by wearing sandals during the day. 

* * *

Fungal Infection Home Treatment with Alcohol

91% isopropyl alcohol is a great home remedy for treating fungal infections in the nail.  To treat using this solution, apply under the nail as far as possible, and apply to the cuticle and surrounding nail bed.  After a few days, you'll begin to notice that the nail will return to its normal pink color and the fungal infection will begin to subside.  Apply first thing in the morning and right before going to bed to see the best results. 

* * *

Baking Soda, H2O2 and Vinegar Natural Remedy for Fungal Infection

A great home remedy for fungal infections is a simple solution that can be made with simple ingredients that are likely already found throughout the home.  First, you'll need to make a mixture with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  Use equal parts of each ingredient to create a mixture.  Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed, file the surface of each nail with a rough emery board.  Be sure to thoroughly file the surface of each nail so that it appears to be sanded down.  Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and then squeeze the cotton ball to remove the excess alcohol.  Now, add the homemade mixture to the alcohol soaked cotton ball and apply generously to all toes.  This should be applied to all nails; not just the infected nails.  Apply three coats of the mixture to the nails. Allow the nails to dry for about five minutes, then apply generous amounts of vapor rub to each nail.  Be sure to run the vapor mix in thoroughly until the mixture has disappeared.  It's also a good idea to put the mixture and vapor rub in between the toes as well.  Continue to follow this regimen until the fungal infection has subsided.  With consistent treatment, you'll find that this natural remedy kills your fungal infection.


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