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Gall Bladder Problems Natural Treatments & Remedies



One of the better natural remedies for gall bladder problems includes mixing olive oil with lemon juice and honey.  Take about one or two spoonfuls of this about twenty minutes prior to each meal.  Another thing you can do is to take a soft cloth and soak it with castor oil and use it as a compress.  Use this compress with a heating pad or hot water bottle, and press it against your abdomen.  This will help with reducing the swelling from a diseased gall bladder.  Gall stones can put pressure on your spleen because the gall bladder and spleen are connected.  This is why diet is extremely important.  You must avoid chocolate, processed flour, white sugar, and caffeinated drinks because they are hard to digest.


One of the best natural treatments for gall bladder problems is to have a well balanced diet that focuses on fruit and vegetables. The vegetables can be raw, cooked, or in juice form.  The fruit should be in small amounts along with some seeds.  Your diet should also include cottage cheese, yogurt, and one tablespoon of olive oil two times a day.  There are foods you need to avoid.  This includes:  animal fats, meat, eggs, processed and denatured foods, refined carbohydrates, fried and greasy foods, foods containing sugar, and spices, pickles, and condiments.  Also, you should avoid alcohol and coffee.  Lastly, you should eat several small meals instead of three big ones each day.


If you have gall bladder issues; your diet becomes the most important natural treatment and type of self care.  Your diet will need to be strictly confined to fruit, beets, and other vegetables.   You need to have a low amount of fat in your diet; but, they should be the healthy kind of fats.  If you completely avoid fats in your diet; you could worsen the symptoms of gall bladder disease and suffer more painful attacks.  One great recipe you can make is beet soup with some green vegetables and a little flax seed oil in it.  Also, try to have a daily amount of pear juice in your diet.


If you are experiencing a lot of pain from gallstone colic, you should use hot packs or fomentation to the upper area of your abdomen.  This should bring you some much needed relief.


If you are experiencing constipation and have gallstones, a warm-water enema will help with the buildup of fecal matter.  Also, physical exercise is very important and can help with this type of condition.


When you are experiencing gall bladder problems, some simple natural remedies include things like not eating too much food at meal time.  Another recommendation is to avoid processed or fried foods.  Also, be sure to stay away from junk foods, too much sugar, and spicy foods because these are really bad for you.  It is very important that you avoid using alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco.


A natural treatment for your gall bladder can include techniques like lying down on the couch or bed as soon as you start to feel symptoms coming on.  You need to make sure to lie on your left side on top of a pillow.  This will help reduce the pressure you are feeling from your gall bladder.


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