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Gout Natural Treatments and Home Remedies



Elm Leaf Tea

One of the home remedies for Gout I was told about involved the use of elm leaf tea.  If you put it over the affected areas, it can help reduce the pain and inflammation.


Cherry Juice

If you want some relief from the symptoms of having Gout, try drinking cherry juice.  This is a great natural treatment for gout.


Safflower Oil

I found that taking some safflower oil in a capsule form will help out with my Gout condition and help to heal things up.


Celery Root Tea

I have a great home remedy for Gout that I’ll share with you.  I drink celery root tea and I feel relief inside of three hours.  What I do is drink about one to three cups of celery root tea for my treatment.  I use about one to two teaspoons per cup.  I do this process by filtering the tea using a paper towel and pouring it into my cup.  After I have done this process, I’m able to regain my ability to walk upright again.  You can also alternate between drinking celery root tea and cherry juice.  Another type of treatment you can use with celery root is to make celery root soup.  You simply dice up the celery root along with the stalks and boil until it becomes soft.  You may need to add whatever spices you favor.



If you want to avoid Gout and be preventative, this is a simple and effective natural treatment for Gout.  Just eat about five to ten cherries a day to prevent the onset of Gout.  If you are already experiencing an attack, just increase the amount you eat to a dozen or more cherries.


Diet and Supplements Gout Home Remedy

I have eliminated my problems with Gout by following a certain form of natural treatment for Gout.  It centers on diet and vitamins.  First of all I eat lots of berries when I can sense an attack starting to come on.  When I’m doing this, cherries, blueberries, or strawberries will all suffice.  I drink lots of water to keep my system clean.  This is especially helpful for days that I have eaten some rich foods.  Also, when you are adding some spices to your diet; be sure to make them basic like oregano.  Apple cider vinegar can be very good for balancing the body; but, you should eat it with meals or dilute it with water because it is very strong.  It is probably a good idea to take it off and on and not every single day.  Raw lime juice is another great thing to add to your diet when you’re dealing with Gout.  The next time you’re at the grocery or health food store, you should pick up a bottle of potassium citrate.  It really helps to reduce the amount of acidity in your body.  But, only take it off and on for about a two week period of time.  I originally took medication starting about five years back when I developed Gout.  But, since I started to do the things I listed above, I no longer use my medications.  However, I still keep my medications as a backup just in case.


Bananas and Exercise

I have a natural treatment for my Gout condition that seems to work.  My diet has stayed the same other than I always eat a banana each day.  The other thing that I do is that I run a lot for my exercise.  I always join fun runs and marathons.  I suggest for a way to get rid of the toxins from your body and to help treat your Gout, is to run and eat bananas.  Since I’ve started doing this, my Gout attacks have greatly decreased.


My home remedy for Gout is proper diet and exercise.  When I was originally diagnosed with Gout, my doctor also discovered I had metabolic syndrome.  I was overweight, had high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes.  I was a typical 47 year old middle aged male.  I started seeing a Rheumatologist who got me taking a Gout medication.  I did this for a year and got my uric acid down, but I still had flare-ups.  While my UA went down I stared having my liver enzymes go up.  This led me to having borderline metabolic syndrome and a drug induced liver reaction.   Against my doctor’s wishes, I quit taking the medication.  I’m otherwise healthy and began my own program of proper diet and exercise.  It is what has made the real difference.  It’s very simple.  Stop looking for an easy way out with pills and medication, get busy and exercise and eat right.



Diet plays an important part in providing a natural treatment for Gout.  Be careful of the trigger foods and only have them occasionally.  Also, you should take a cherry in vitamin form with curcumin with each meal daily.  It works as a great anti inflammatory and will also fight off cancer.  Something else you can do is to add some baking soda in a glass of water and drink it.  Only add just a pinch and also drinks lots of water to get rid of the acid.  You should avoid drinking alcohol.  You should listen to your body and focus on doing the things that will make it feel good.  You are truly what you eat and improving my diet has helped me to slowly reverse my type two diabetes.  I avoid processed foods, protein sources that will trigger my gout and I avoid alcohol.  Everyone is different; but, what works for me is a diet of whey protein shakes along with fresh fruit.  I also eat nuts and salad.  I was unable to take medications for my gout as it caused pain in my kidney area; so, I have approached it the natural way.


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