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Heavy Period Home Remedies & Natural Treatments



Soy Milk and Tofu

My periods were bothering me so much that I actually would have to call in sick and stay home due to the excessive bleeding I was dealing with. I was afraid I would have an accident while at work. I searched the internet for home remedies that help heavy periods. I found one that has worked perfectly for me. I quit drinking dairy milk and switched to soy milk. I also started eating tofu instead of meat. Since I made this change my periods have normalized and I feel so much better.


Green Leafy Vegetables

A very natural treatment for heavy periods is to eat more green leafy vegetables like collard and kale greens and spirulina. These greens contain a lot of vitamin k which naturally helps to clot your blood and promote regeneration of your hemoglobin. You will find this home remedy for heavy periods to work wonders.



Losing Weight

Many women who suffer from heavy periods are overweight. Simply losing ten pounds will help to reduce the bleeding. The best home remedy for heavy periods has got be losing weight and eating healthy. The healthier you eat the better you will feel.


Raspberry Leaf Tea

Every month I know I am going to be struggling with a heavy period. The best natural remedy for heavy periods is to make and drink raspberry tea. OB Gyn’s actually prescribe raspberry tea for women who struggle with menstruation and child birth.



My periods were getting worse and I was feeling horrible. I began to realize that I was not exercising like I used to so I decided to start walking every morning. Walking has turned out to be the home remedy for heavy periods that I needed. I am feeling so much healthier and more vibrant since I started walking and my periods have become much lighter and so easily to deal with.



It is very important to stay well hydrated at all time but especially during the time of the month you have your period. If you are experiencing heavy bleeding drinking enough water will be the natural treatment for the heavy period you are enduring. You will feel better and your body will naturally heal.


Maintain Healthy Weight

I was overweight and having heavy periods. The home remedy for heavy periods I discovered was simply to lose weight. My doctor told me that estrogen is produced through fat cells so if you are overweight you are making more estrogen and in turn will experience heavier periods. Eating a plant based diet rich in whole foods and free of dairy and meat will not only help you to lose weight but also help you naturally heal your heavy periods and other disease. If you are searching for a healthy way to diet I suggest reading all you can on Dr. McDougall’s website. http://www.drmcdougall.com Dr. McDougall in an authority on healthy eating and healing disease. Please visit his website and share this information with your friends and family.


High Fiber Diet

I read an article about the positive role fiber plays in our diets for natural treatment of heavy periods. My periods were getting pretty bad and after I read the following article I changed my diet. Here is the link to the article I hope it helps you like it has helped me! http://kerryg.hubpages.com/hub/Dietary-Fiber-for-Menstrual-Health


Nettle Tea

The Native Americans long ago used nettles as a home remedy and natural treatment for heavy period. Nettles are known to slow hemorrhaging in childbirth and heavy periods. Nettle tea is best made by mixing 3-4 teaspoons of dried nettle per pint of boiling water. You can add honey and lemon to the tea also.


Ayurvedic Remedy

One of the most famous and well known herbs in the ayurvedic tradition of healing menstrual or uterine disorders is ashoka or saraca. The bark of this plant is a great natural treatment for heavy bleeding.


Dried Apricots

I eat dried apricots when I am having a heavy period because the apricots help to replace the iron you lose while hemorrhaging. Apricots are a wonderful home remedy for heavy periods.



I never knew that basil was such a wonderful natural treatment for heavy periods until my grandmother shared this with me. Basil can help to relieve pain while experiencing cramps from heavy bleeding. It contains caffeic which is a natural pain reliever.  In Indian Ayurvedic texts Tulsi (holy basil) is referred to as the queen mother of all herbal medicines. Click here to read more about Tulsi as Home Remedy for Heavy Periods.


Rest for Heavy Period Home Remedy

Whenever I am having a heavy period I lie on my back and keep my knees slightly bent. This helps to curb the flow of blood and is an excellent home remedy for heavy periods. Make sure that you are taking time to heal yourself through proper rest and nutrition.


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