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Hepatitis Natural Treatments, Cures & Home Remedies



Avoiding Alcohol

If you are suffering from hepatitis you must avoid alcohol altogether. Avoiding alcohol is crucial for the natural treatment and cure of hepatitis.


Avoid Stale and Moldy Foods

I had hepatitis and was very sick. I found from my doctor that you should completely avoid all stale foods and any foods that can harbor mold. There is a fungus byproduct in moldy and stale food that can amplify carcinogens.


Zinc Hepatitis Home Remedy

A deficiency in zinc and an excess amount of copper in your system causes an imbalance that can lead to hepatitis. A home remedy for hepatitis treatment is to take 30 milligrams of zinc daily.


Liver Extracts Hepatitis Natural Treatment

My hepatitis battle was helped immensely through taking 500-1000 milligrams of liver extracts daily. This liver extract lowers the liver enzyme levels after taking the extract for a period of about 3 to 6 months. This natural treatment and cure for hepatitis healed me.


Vegetable Juice

Drinking organic vegetable juice is the best natural cure for hepatitis. The studies on juicing reveal amazing healing results. Juicing used as a natural cure for hepatitis is a powerful home remedy! Juicing helps to replace fluids lost through a bout with hepatitis. This video alone will convince you about the positive impact juicing has on healing the body!  http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com


Herbal Home Remedy for Hepatitis

My father had hepatitis and a good friend of his helped him heal through using natural herbs. This home remedy for hepatitis is super duper. My dad used yellow dock, black radish, green tea, and red clover. He made teas out of these herbs and drank them several times throughout each day.


Vegetable and Fruit Fast

If you come down with hepatitis you are going to have to lay low, get lots of rest and do a vegetable, fruit cleanse for 2-4weeks. If you want to heal this natural treatment works and also restores your body with strength and vitality.



There are some powerful antioxidants you can take to help naturally cure hepatitis but the one I think is the best is called Scutellaria, or Chinese Skullkap. This natural antioxidant is the best home remedy for hepatitis.


Ayurvedic Herb Home Remedy

My uncle had hepatitis and his liver was very weak. Phyllanthus is an ayurvedic herb that not only helps to heal hepatitis but also helps to remove it from your system so you are no longer a carrier of the disease. If you have hepatitis B and get well you can still be a carrier but if you take Phyllanthus this wonderful herb will help to completely clear your system.


Turmeric Hepatitis Natural Treatment

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory with other healing benefits that can be used as a natural treatment for hepatitis. You can purchase turmeric as a capsule or in powder form. I sprinkle turmeric over my food because I like the taste and appreciate the health benefits.


Olive Leaf

Olive leaf can be used as a natural cure for hepatitis because it is a potent antifungal agent. Be sure to also drink a lot of water while treating your hepatitis.


Milk Thistle Home Remedy for Hepatitis

I had hepatitis and discovered through research that milk thistle is an excellent extract to help rebuild and heal my liver. This home remedy for hepatitis should be taken in 200-400 milligram dosages about three times a day. Click here to read more about Milk Thistle Liver Treatment.


Chinese Herb Hepatitis Natural Treatment

This natural treatment for hepatitis is called Schizandra. It is a Chinese herb that helps to restore and protect the liver.


Burdock and Dandelion

Burdock and Dandelion are wonderful healing and cleansing herbs used as a natural cure for healing hepatitis.



Eating artichokes are a wonderful and tasty home remedy for healing hepatitis.


Vegan Diet

Dr. McDougall has written an amazing newsletter addressing hepatitis and how to cure it through natural treatment. I am going to post a link to this newsletter. I highly suggest reading it because he is a physician and authority on healing disease. Please do not waste time taking drugs read this newsletter and start to heal yourself naturally! http://www.all-creatures.org/health/theliver.html


Vitamin C

Hepatitis is not a fun disease to treat. Your body needs to heal and the best natural cure for hepatitis is to use vitamin therapy particularly vitamin C. Some vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin D and vitamin E should either be avoided or taken in low dosages because they can actually cause harm to the liver while you are battling hepatitis. Since vitamin C is such a strong antioxidant it is known to be a safer natural cure for hepatitis. If you can any questions about this do check with your natural doctor. Here is an informative article on the benefits of vitamin C therapy: http://www.healthyhepper.com/sample4vitamin.htm


More Herbal Home Remedies for Hepatitis

Chanca peidra is a natural herb used as a home remedy for the treatment of hepatitis.
This herb is known to be used as an antiviral in the fight against hepatitis.


Avoid all Oily and Fried Foods

My advice for natural treatment for hepatitis is to completely steer away from eating any and all oily and fried foods. In fact you may want to change your diet altogether and investigate the benefits of eating a vegan, low fat high fiber diet.


Turmeric, Dandelion and Milk Thistle

Mix together some turmeric, dandelion, milk thistle and the juice of 2 lemons. Use pure spring water not tap water. Let this sit over night and then drink this solution. Do this daily as a natural cure for hepatitis.


Eliminate Animal Products

First and foremost you must eliminate the consumption of animal products from your diet as a home remedy for hepatitis. Animal meat is toxic to our bodies. Eating a plant based diet will heal you from the inside out.


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