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Hypothyroid Natural Treatments, Natural Remedies & Home Remedies




Hypothyroidism is the most common of all the thyroid diseases. Dr. McDougall offers a wealth of medical information and advice about hypothyroid natural treatment.  I have attended a Dr. McDougall 5 day retreat that helped me to understand the importance of eating a starch based diet. His program outlines all the reasons why our western diet is so unhealthy for us and consequently why so many people are overweight, sick and full of disease. Basically if we change our diet we can began to heal immediately. There are many theories state that thyroid conditions can be results of various nutritional imbalances, so this is all the more reason to learn all you can about eating healthy and taking excellent care of ourselves in all ways. Do a web search for “McDougall thyroid” to read a great article about this condition. 

In the following 3 minute video, Dr McDougall explains the condition of hypothyroidism and what you should do about it from a perspective of natural healing.

Selenium Natural Remedy

A very wonderful antioxidant called selenium is something we all need in our bodies to function properly; yet it is sometimes deficient in some of us thus causing hypothyroidism.  Selenium helps to convert T4 thyroid hormone to active T3. Selenium is a natural remedy for hypothyroidism. You can find selenium in your health food store.


Boost Metabolism

If you have hypothyroidism you may need to boost your metabolism. You can boost your metabolism through simply making use of a remedy that includes eating smaller more frequent meals versus eating three larger meals a day. It is imperative that you also focus on the quality of the food you are eating. Make sure you eat fresh, organic (when available) non-processed fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I also add black cohosh and ginseng to my diet because both of these herbs help to boost your metabolism.



My hypothyroid condition was greatly improved when I began supplementing my diet with iodine. Apparently I was iodine deficient. Kelp is a natural treatment for hypothyroid. Kelp is rich in iodine and also it is inexpensive. I take a small dose of a kelp tablet each day. Normally we would already be getting enough iodine in our diets simply through the vegetables and fruits we eat however our soils have been iodine and nutrient depleted and therefore many of us are not receiving proper nutrients through our diet alone and we have to take supplements. Foods that do contain iodine are bananas, radishes, potatoes, oatmeal and other foods.


Bladderwrack Remedy

You may have not ever heard of bladderwrack because I had not. Bladderwrack is seaweed and it is amazingly rich in iodine. People have used bladderwrack for numerous reasons including weight loss and hypothyroidism. Bladder wrack stimulates the thyroid gland helping to increase your metabolism. Bladderwrack also has many minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism try bladderwrack it just might help you to feel better!


Vitamin B Natural Treatment

Hypothyroid natural treatment options may be as simple as adding vitamin B to your daily diet. Vitamin B is wonderful at helping to regulate thyroid hormones. Stay away from processed foods and alcohol because they deplete vitamin B.


Black Cohosh Hypothyroid Natural Remedy

Many people who suffer from hypothyroid have benefitted greatly from black cohosh. Black cohosh is an herb that helps to maintain health and regulated hormone levels.


Thyroid Glandular Supplement

My natural doctor wanted me to try a natural remedy for my hypothyroid called thyroid glandular supplement. Since trying this natural remedy I am feeling much better. I highly suggest visiting a naturopath for your hypothyroidism!


Ayurvedic Hypothyroid Natural Remedy

Hypothyroid is a condition where the thyroid gland has a reduction in thyroid gland activity failing to generate the amount of required thyroid hormone our body needs to function properly. Ayurvedic medicine provides a means and a way to treat hypothyroidism through the use of natural remedies. Our body responds much better to natural cures and treatment. Ayurvedic remedies include avoiding sour and spicy foods. The foods that are welcomed and really help hypothyroid are cucumbers, Bengal gram, barley, and rice and moong dal. Coconut oil is also useful in helping your thyroid through improvement of your metabolism.


Low Calorie Diet

Many people suffer from hypothyroidism. A good home remedy for hypothyroidism is to eat a low calorie diet. A low calorie diet helps to increase our metabolism. Many of us will struggle on a low calorie diet unless we are eating enough healthy carbohydrates. Starches and carbohydrates give us abundant energy.


Kelp Hypothyroid Natural Treatment

My doctor had prescribed medication for my hypothyroid condition and although I had taken it for years I wanted really try a more natural approach. I did a lot of research and then also tested myself and found out I was low on iodine. I now take about two kelp capsules a week and no longer am tired nor have a slow mind and I am not depressed anymore. It is very important that you find out exactly how much iodine your own body needs, you never wish to take too much!


Apple Cider Vinegar

I am not quite sure where to begin but I know I must share my natural remedy for hypothyroidism. I have been taking apple cider vinegar now for about a week. I take the organic Braggs brand. I take about two tablespoons mixed in with a little honey and a half a cup of water. I take it three times a day before each meal. I have had such amazing results including losing weight, balancing my blood sugar, and my hypothyroid is becoming better and a mole disappeared from my face. I have to thank my mother because she is the one that gave me the information about this wonderful home remedy.


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