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Macular Degeneration Natural Treatments, Cures & Home Remedies




The cause of macular degeneration is the same as the cause for atherosclerosis and heart disease.  You can stop macular degeneration immediately by changing your diet.  Click here to read more about Diet as Macular Degeneration Natural Treatment and Cure.

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Some nutrients are excellent natural cures for macular degeneration.  These include L-Carnitine, CoQ10 and omega-3 fish oil.  While these nutrients are good for individuals without macular degeneration, they are especially beneficial to those suffering from macular degeneration. 

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Blood Sugar Levels

Retinopathy (also referred to as macular degeneration) can be greatly reduced.  The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial have proclaimed that individuals that have well managed blood sugar levels tend to have a slower progression of macular degeneration.  The group in the study that had blood sugar levels close to normal for a sustained period of time also had lower levels of nerve disorder, kidney and eye disease. 

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Diet and Cleanse

If you find that you're suffering from macular degeneration, it's very important that you try to treat the condition using the simple home remedy of a clean diet.  You'll want to avoid toxic food and food that kills.  Try to drink lots of fresh vegetable juices and use unrefined sea salt.  Another great idea for naturally treating macular degeneration is to be sure to cleanse your body.  You should start with a bowel and parasite cleanse, then a dental cleanup (if you can afford the dental services).  Finish the process with a kidney and liver cleanse.  This is an excellent natural remedy for macular degeneration. 

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Physical Activity

Physical activity is not only always good for you, but it is especially helpful and beneficial as a natural cure for macular degeneration.  This is an excellent natural remedy because it helps to relieve stress and can bring a sense of balance to your life.  It is also important to choose a type of psycho-physical activity (like yoga) that help your mind and body.  There are also lots of different kinds of exercise that you can try that are wonderful for you.  Try weight lifting, swimming (salt water is best; don't swim in chemically chlorinated water), stretching, gymnastics, aerobics, dancing, martial arts (aikido, uechi, budokai, kung fu, judo, karate), yoga (Chinese yoga, meditation, hatha), Tai Chi, Chi Gong, meditation, golf, riding, rowing, fishing and walking and jogging are all excellent kinds of exercises.  This is a wonderful home remedy to treat macular degeneration.

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Studies have shown that toxins from food and pesticides can leave your body through your sweat glands.  The removal of these toxins from your body has been proved to be a wonderful natural cure for macular degeneration.  To get your sweat glands going, try adding come cayenne pepper to your foods, drink warm tea in hot rooms, sit in the sauna at the gym and try to exercise with lots of layers of clothes on.  These are all great alternative treatments for macular degeneration. 

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Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba is a wonderful natural cure for lots of different things, but it is especially effective when used to treat eye problems.  It is thought to be effective because it promotes blood circulation and strengthens capillaries.  To get the best benefits from Ginko Biloba, drink Ginko Biloba tea twice a day.  You can also try taking about one hundred and twenty to two hundred and forty milligrams of the extract each day for the same amazing results. 

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Gogi Berries

Gogi berries are delicious and are widely regarded as a super food.  This is because they are packed with the most beta carotene found in nature, and are also full of antioxidants.  These berries have been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine as a natural way to cure poor eyesight and blurry vision.  Gogi berries can be eaten dried as a snack or you can drink the juice.  While the old school of thought is to eat carrots every day to maintain good eyesight, try eating gogi berries.  These are a wonderful natural remedy for macular degeneration. 

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Bilberry is regarded by many as a wonderful and very effective home remedy for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and other disorders for the eye.  This is because bilberry will inhibit cataract formation and will even strengthen the capillaries in the eye.  Bilberry jame was even used in the second World War as a natural remedy for the fighter pilots as a way to improve their vision for night flying.  Try some bilberry jam for a wonderful alternative treatment for macular degeneration. 

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty acids are essential for good health and are also wonderfully effective for good eyesight.  Eat foods like canola oil, dark, leafy greens, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and soybeans as a great natural cure for macular degeneration. 

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Heavy Metal Cleanse

Some health experts believe that poor eyesight and macular degeneration can be caused by a buildup of heavy metals in the bloodstream.  To naturally cure your macular degeneration, you should try to cleanse all of the heavy metals from your system.  To do this, try taking Chel-8, which cleans the lead, aluminum and mercury from the body.  This will not only improve your macular degeneration, but it will improve your immune system, improve your quality of sleep and clear your vision. 

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Trans-Fats Omission

An Australian study found that individuals that consumed a large amount of trans fats had a higher incidence of developing macular degeneration.  As a simple home remedy for macular degeneration, avoid all trans-fats and omit all forms of trans-fats from your diet.  This includes all processed foods, pastries and potato chips. 

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Quercetin Anti-oxidant

A great alternative treatment for macular degeneration is to take quercetin supplements.  This is helpful because studies have found that quercetin can protect the macula from effects of low oxygen levels.  To obtain the maximum benefit from these supplements, try taking about one hundred and fifty milligrams about three times daily between meals. 

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Zeaxanthin and Lutein

To treat your macular degeneration using a natural treatment, try eating foods like egg yolks, orange juice, summer squash, grapes, kiwi, oranges, peppers, corn and spinach.  These foods are beneficial because they contain the compounds zeaxanthin and lutein.  These compounds are important because they help to maintain the overall health of the macula. 

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