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Melanoma Alternative and Natural Treatments



If your doctor tells you that you will need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation as part of your cancer treatment, you'll need to provide proper nutritional support to yourself so that you do not lose the antioxidants and nutrients that your body will need to fight the chemotherapy and damaging effects of the radiation. In this instance, you'll want to follow this natural remedy for melanoma to keep your body healthy.  Be sure that you take a mineral supplement and very potent multivitamin every day.  You will also need one hundred thousand international units of beta-carotene every day.  Vitamin C is also essential.  This should be taken three times a day in three to eight thousand milligram doses daily.  Be sure that you are choosing a vitamin C supplement that contains bioflavonoids.  Be sure that you are taking selenium, folic acid and flaxseed oil (800 micrograms, 400 micrograms and 1-2 tablespoons daily, respectively). A very potent supplement that you should also take is alpha-lipoic acid.  This is water soluble and helps to activate other antioxidants in the body.  Try to take one hundred and fifty milligrams every day. 

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Homemade Capsules

Mix together this effective concoction to generally detoxify your body.  This is a wonderful alternative treatment for melanoma.  Mix equal parts violet leaves, red clover, licorice, ginger, frangula, Echinacea, dandelion, chaparral, burdock root, and bloodroot extracts.  Once the mixture is fully mixed, put them into capsules (you can find empty capsules either online or at your local natural and organic grocers or health food store).  Take two capsules four times daily.  A good idea is to take two in the morning, two at lunch, two after dinner and two before bed. 

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Cat's Claw Extract

A wonderful natural immune-enhancer that can be a great natural remedy for melanoma is cat's claw extract.  Some studies have shown that cat's claw extract may have anti-cancer properties.  You should try to take one thousand milligrams of the extract three times every day.  Please keep in mind that this supplement is not safe if you are nursing or pregnant, if you're currently on blood-thinners or have been the recipient of an organ transplant. 

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Milk Thistle Extract as Natural Cure for Melanoma

The liver can be detoxified and strengthened with milk-thistle extract.  This is a great natural cure for cancer and is especially wonderful when used to treat melanoma.  Milk thistle extract works well because it detoxifies the body and helps to strengthen the liver.  A good dosage per person is to take approximately one hundred and fifty milligrams three times a day. 

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Red Clover Extract

When you're trying to treat cancer using natural and home remedies and treatments, it is important to understand that you have to cut off the blood supply and supply of nutrients to the tumor.  This will keep it from growing.  To do this, try red clover extract as a home remedy for melanoma.  Take the supplement four times a day, and be sure that each time you take it, you are taking five hundred milligrams. 

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Essential Oils Bath a

Severe forms of melanoma can be treated and soothed by using the simple natural treatment of a soothing bath.  Add some essential oils like lavender and chamomile to the bathwater to help you relax and calm your skin. 

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Try exercise as a great natural remedy for melanoma and other types of cancer.  You can try fishing, golf, rowing, or taking a walk or jog through nature.  This is a great way to naturally treat melanoma because it helps to promote cleansing in the body and relieves stress while balancing your body's natural processes.  Other great ways to exercise are with meditation like yoga or tai chi.  You might also like martial arts.  It is important that you don't exercise with a full stomach (try taking a walk if this is the case), and that you don't exhaust and hurt yourself.

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