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Nephritis Natural Treatments, Home Remedies & Cures



Diet as Cause and Treatment of Nephritis

Our rich Western diet is the primary cause of both acute and chronic nephritis.  This condition can be eliminated simply by changing one’s diet.  Click here to read more about Diet as Treatment and Cure for Nephritis.

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Carrot Juice

A long-standing remedy for nephritis is to drink fresh carrot juice. Make an 8 ounce glass of carrot juice, apple juice and lime drinking this three times a day on an empty stomach. The carrots, apples and lines should be fresh juiced with a juicer.

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Homeopathic medicines are prescribed for varying symptoms.  Two people having nephritis may get different remedies depending on how their symptoms manifest.

Berberis Vulgaris - four sharp pains around the kidneys, stomach, liver, spleen and groin. There is a continuous need to urinate and a burning sensation at the anus. The urine has a muddy, bright red sediment with accompanying mucus. One experiences pain in the loins and thighs when urinating.

Cantharis vesicatoria - there is intense burning in the stomach and an aversion to drinking and eating. Vomit is streaked with blood, stools have excess mucus and there is a tendency to shudder after having a bowel movement. There is an insatiable urge to urinate and urine stings as it passes to the toilet.

Kalium chloricum - there is a heavy feeling in the area of the umbilicus and stomach accompanied with gas, greenish dark vomit, diarrhea with a lot of greenish mucus. Urine is sparse and contains whitish albumin.

Methylene blue - urine has a greenish color with pus in the urine.

Mercurius corrosivus - vomit has green bile, there is a feeling of being bloated, writhing cramps and diarrhea with bloody, mucus filled stool.

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Goldenrod Herb

Goldenrod is very useful when kidneys are inflamed and for the urinary tract in general. It relieves pain and reduces the process of infection. Steep 4 teaspoons of dried buds in a quart of hot water for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups of this daily.

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Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi, also known as bearberry, is one of the most commonly used herbs to treat a kidney infection and is used primarily when bacterial infection is involved. For it to work effectively, it is necessary to reduce the acidity of the urine and this is done by taking some bicarbonate of soda which increases the alkalinity (less acidic). Soak 3 tablespoons shredded leaves in a quart of room temperature water for six hours and drink three glasses of this each day. Also take half a teaspoon of baking soda twice a day.

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Garlic Home Remedy for Nephritis

Garlic is an excellent antibiotic and is one of the top five most commonly used medicinal herbs worldwide. Eat a clove or two of fresh garlic each day to combat nephritis.  Don’t eat fresh garlic on an empty stomach.

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Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is the most potent immune system modulator and enhancing agent ever discovered by medical science. It is even more powerful than interferon. It has been thoroughly researched for the past 30 years with many published scientific studies. This is a substance which occurs naturally in some foods including oatmeal. Take 200 mg a day to increase the effectiveness of your immune system which will aid in overcoming nephritis. Go here to read more about Beta Glucan.

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Vegetable Juice Fast

One of the best, safest and non-toxic treatments for acute nephritis is a 7 to 10 day vegetable juice fast. This will eliminate the systemic impurities and toxins causing the kidneys to be inflamed. Following the juice fast, you may pursue a diet consisting of fruits for 4 to 5 days. Then gradually work into a low-protein vegetarian diet with little or no dairy products (dairy is high in protein) with an abundance of raw and steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. In the event of chronic or recurring nephritis, one can pursue a short juice fast of 3 to 5 days followed by a vegan (no meat no dairy) diet.  Click here to read more about a Vegan Diet and Protein.

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Coconut Water Home Treatment

The juice or milk from young tender coconuts is an excellent home remedy for nephritis. Drink the milk from one tender green coconut twice daily. This is an excellent diuretic and reduces inflammation.

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Avoid Sugar

It is true for any infection or infectious illness that one should avoid sugar and all of its forms especially high fructose corn syrup. This is one of the most important natural treatments for nephritis. Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body and will dampen the immune system. It has been clinically demonstrated that the immune system is diminished and the immune system cells are sluggish up to five hours after eating sugar. In the 1920s the average consumption of sugar was 5 pounds per year per person. Now every person in the United States eats 147 pounds of sugar each year on average. 

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