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Neuritis Natural Treatments & Home Remedies



Diet as Neuritis Natural Treatment

Neuritis is an inflammation of the nerves. The main cause of neuritis is an ongoing chronic blood condition called acidosis.  This is an acidic condition of the blood which wants to be slightly alkaline.  The main cause of acidosis is from eating foods that are too high in acids and the chief culprit for this is meat and dairy products.  Proteins are made of amino acids and so excessive protein creates a burden on the body to eliminate or neutralize these acids.  The best treatment for neuritis is a plant based diet composed of whole foods (not processed or refined).  The human body is a starch based fuel burner and suffers many diseases due to excess protein.  Click here to read more about a Plant Based Diet and why you won’t suffer from malnutrition.  How does a horse get enough protein for its massive body?  How about an elephant or an ape? Other causes of neuritis include physical injury such a blow or broken bone, and diseases such as diphtheria, leprosy, diabetes, tuberculosis and poisoning from lead, mercury, insecticides and alcohol.

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Take vitamins Thiamin (B1 - 100 mg 2 or 3 times daily), niacin (B3), folic acid (500 mcg twice daily), B12 (intramuscular injections work best in acute instances), B6, complete B complex, pantothenic acid, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, brewer’s yeast, magnesium, calcium, and lecithin.  B vitamins alone have been shown to relieve numbness, weakness and extreme pain of neuritis, in some cases, in less than an hour.

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Lipoic Acid

This is a natural substance that is present in the body and it is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man.  It is derived from plant foods.  Lipoic acid has been put through a huge volume of clinical research studies for decades and the results are truly astonishing.  It has the ability to reduce the ravages of most diseases including neuritis.  Click here to read more about Lipoic Acid as Neuritis Treatment and Natural Remedy.

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Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is regarded in Ayurvedic medicine (5000 year tradition) as the greatest of all medicinal herbs.  It is an adaptogen allowing the body to adapt to stresses of all types including diseases.  It has been shown in research studies to be very beneficial in treating a wide variety of illnesses.  Click here to read more about Tulsi Tea – a truly astonishing herb.

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Beta Glucan Neuritis Treatment

Beta glucan is the most powerful immune system enhancing substance ever discovered. It is more effective than interferon as revealed in 30 years of comprehensive and vast clinical studies.  More specifically, it is an immunomodulator meaning it allows the immune system to operate more efficiently.  It does this by restoring the ability of the immune system cells to communicate with one another.  If you have neuritis, you should definitely take this.  Click here to read more about Beta Glucan for Neuritis.

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Herbs for Neuritis

Combine in equal parts tinctures of Siberian ginseng, oat, St. John’s wort and skullcap.  Take one teaspoon of this 3 times daily.  If pain is severe, the recipe can be fortified with valerian root.

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Homeopathic Neuritis Treatments

The following homeopathic medicines are useful in treating neuritis: Aconite, Arsen alb., Belladonna, Chelidonium, Lycopodium, Mag phos. and Phytolacca.

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For treating neuritis, drink an 8 ounce glass of juiced carrots, apples, celery and parsley each day.

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Epsom Salts Pack

A hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts will do much to relieve the discomfort and pain of neuritis. For local area relief you can make an Epsom salt pack.  To do this, dissolve 2 cups of Epsom salts in a quart of water in a pot or basin.  Soak a large square of a heavy towel in the solution. Put the soaked cloth on the area to be treated.  Wrap a plastic bag around this and then put a hot water bottle on the pack.  Never use heating pads as the alternating electric field makes the Qi chaotic.  Leave the pack in place until it becomes dried and hardened.  Remove it and wash with water.  Massage the area with olive oil.

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Barley Water Neuritis Natural Treatment

Boil ¼ cup of organic pearled barley in two quarts of water.  When approximately ¼ of the water is remaining, strain it into a jar.  Drink 4 ounces of this 3 times daily.

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Soy Milk

Drink soy milk to improve neuritis.  Heat one cup and add a teaspoon of honey and drink it once each day before going to bed.

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Vitamin D Home Remedy for Neuritis

Vitamin D is good for neuritis and a lot of other things.  The best most effective vitamin D is gotten from sunshine.  Try to get about 15 minutes a day on some exposed skin.  The more exposed skin the better.

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