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Osteoporosis Natural Home Remedies & Treatments


Sesame Seeds

A great natural remedy for osteoporosis is eating sesame seeds on a daily basis. Sesame seeds naturally contain boron which is an ideal component for bone health. When eating the seeds you should eat at least eight ounces every day. There are numerous ways to add sesame seeds to your diet. One way is to sprinkle sesame seeds over a fresh green salad, or add sesame seeds to rice dishes and other casseroles.


Green Tea

When suffering from osteoporosis you can always drink green tea for an effective home remedy. Green tea contains many vitamins including vitamin C which is important for bone growth. Green tea works best when it’s organic so you should stay away from the other types because they can contain chemicals that are harmful to your body.     



Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco

When you are diagnosed with osteoporosis you should do everything possible to take care of yourself. This includes saying no to things that are not healthy for you, such as drinking, smoking and other tobacco use. Tobacco and alcohol tend to make you lose bone mass and make your osteoporosis worse than it already is. Now this treatment is one of the hardest for people, especially stopping the use of tobacco.  You should try your hardest to quit smoking because your health will improve dramatically and in turn this will help you fight osteoporosis greatly. Once you have stopped drinking alcohol you should not drink it even on special occasions. Make sure to practice the no treatment all the times because drinking even a little amount of alcohol can cause you problems with your osteoporosis.


Vitamin D Natural Cure for Osteoporosis

Vitamin D is a great way to cure your osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy. Vitamin D is very important with bone health and you should take a minimum of 800 units daily of vitamin D when you have osteoporosis. You can find vitamin D in many food items, and this is the most natural way to get it. You can also find vitamin D in supplement form and you can take that on a daily basis. Make sure to get your daily amount every day and it will help you can have a healthy bone structure. A very natural way to get vitamin D is by spending ten minutes each day in direct sunlight without any sunscreen on your body. Studies have proven that adequate daily exposure to sunshine helps our bodies naturally produce vitamin D.


Dandelion Tea

One of the oldest and simplest remedies that you can use for osteoporosis is dandelion tea. This tea tends to have antioxidants and minerals that you need to fight osteoporosis. The better quality of tea it is the better results that you will get from it, this means it should be organic and natural because you don’t want to use anything that is not naturally grown. You can pick up this kind of tea at your local health food store.


Chase Berry Home Remedy for Osteoporosis

Eating chase berries is one the most effective home remedies that you can use for osteoporosis. Chase berries have natural ingredients called vitexicarpin and vitricin, which are essential for hormone balance. Keeping your hormones balanced is important when you have osteoporosis because when you lose hormones when you start to lose bone mass. You can also have problems when your hormones are too high in your body. So you should always make sure you have a normal hormone balance. Chase berries are the best and most natural ways to do this.  You should eat one cup of these berries every day to keep your hormones in good standing.   



One of the greatest home remedies for osteoporosis is almond milk. Almonds produce a lot of minerals and vitamins that people need, especially with osteoporosis. You can find almond milk in any grocery store in the milk substitute isle.


Manganese Natural Cure for Osteoporosis

Manganese is one of the most important minerals that you can get to support your bones. Manganese is a natural mineral that can be found in nuts, beans, and many other foods. It helps give strength to your bones and will help with loss of bone mass. Other than in food, you can find this mineral in the form of a capsule to take on a day to day regiment. Either way you choose to get your daily amount of manganese you should make sure you get enough. If you choose to get your daily amount through the consumption of food products that contain it you will need to eat at least eight ounces of the food product daily so that you get the proper amount. 


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