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Ovarian Cancer Natural Treatments & Home Remedies


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Right Stuff

If you are suffering from ovarian cancer you will want to start looking at your life and make some life changing choices. One of the most important ones is diet.  Most people these days eat the great Western diet which is not all that healthy for you and can be one of several reasons why you are suffering from cancer. The Western diet consists of a large volume of animal proteins which are not good for your body and cause cancer cells to thrive. It also consists of animal fat that will cause you to gain weight. There are also many foods in this diet that are processed and can cause your hormones to become unbalanced which can also lead to cancer. The best way to rid yourself of this issue and help your body cleanse itself is by eliminating all of these items from your diet. The best diet for this is the McDougall program that was created by Dr. John McDougall M.D. This diet consists of eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, starches, and grains. It leaves out all the un-healthy stuff like meat, dairy, and oils.  When you decide to change your diet you should make sure that is a life changing choice because in order for this to work it needs to be.


ABM Natural Cure for Ovarian Cancer

ABM stands for Agaricus Blazei Murrill mushroom which is commonly found in Brazil. This mushroom has been proven by many clinical studies in Great Britain and Japan to cure numerous cancers including ovarian cancer. ABM has been used for many years by holistic healers to heal people while not producing any side effects.  This mushroom gives the human body beta glucans which are essential in boosting the immune system. The beta glucans also helps the body produce T cells and helps the T cells grow so that way your body can fight off the disease. It also helps keep viruses from infecting your body even more. You can also buy beta glucan in supplement form so you can take it with your daily vitamins.  Click here to read more about Beta Glucan.




The most important thing that our bodies need is water and that is because they are mostly made of it. Water does a lot more than just hydrate us.  It gives our body energy and helps the blood flow increase so that we can function better. When a person is suffering from a disease such as ovarian cancer, your body needs as much energy and blood flow as it can get. This is done by getting plenty of water in your system. The reason for drinking a large quantity of water is that when you are fighting off cancer your body loses more water than it normally does and can cause you to have less energy and blood flow. For a person who does not have cancer it is recommended that they get eighty to hundred ounces of water per day. But for a person who is fighting cancer they should get up to three hundred ounces of water a day. That way you can replace all the water that you have lost and get the energy and blood flow you need to fight off the infection.



Ginger is a natural herb that heats up your body every time you eat it and can be a great part of any natural cure for ovarian cancer. Cancer cells, as well as microbes and viruses, can’t grow in a hot environment. Ginger makes your body hot enough to do this. It can also get your body hot enough to reverse your cancer cells growth. You just take the ginger and crush it up and either eat it plain or make tea with it. Do this three times a day for six months and it should help you with the ovarian cancer. You can also juice the ginger and mix it in with some coconut oil and rub it on you abdominal area to help.



Ovarian cancer can be defeated by a naturally occurring compound called isoflavones which is found in red clover. Isoflavones is a healthier way of doing the job than radiation and chemo without the harmful side effects. Red clover is a natural herb that is best used as a tea. You make the tea just by boiling the red clover in water for ten minutes and letting it stew for another five minutes. You will need to drink the tea three or four time a day, every day. Do this natural remedy for four to six solid months and it should help get rid of the ovarian cancer. 


Shiitake Natural Cure

Shiitake mushrooms have been proven by the Japanese to work wonders on cancers such as ovarian cancer. It is actually not the mushrooms themselves that do the job but it is the abstract that you can get over the counter that does the healing. You can get the abstract in edible forms or capsule form to take on a daily basis. Just by taking this abstract for six months you will naturally cure your ovarian cancer.


Dandelion Root

A more natural treatment for ovarian cancer is dandelion root. This treatment, if done properly, can cure ovarian cancer within a year. You will need to take it every day in order for it to work. Crush the dandelion root into a fine powder then boil one teaspoon in eight ounces of water. Once it has been brought to a boil let it boil for five minutes then remove it from the heating source. Let it stew for five minutes while it is cooling off and drink all of it. Do this four times each day.



Selenium is a natural mineral that our bodies need on a daily basis to help fight off everyday infections.  It’s also effective when you are battling cancer and can help improve your chances of winning that battle and naturally curing your ovarian cancer. It is recommended that a person that does not have cancer get two hundred to three hundred micrograms a day, but when you have cancer you should get anywhere between nine hundred to two thousand micrograms a day. Not only will increasing your daily amount of selenium intake help you battle cancer but it will also help protect your liver at the same time.


Turmeric Natural Treatment Ovarian Cancer

You can find curcumin in turmeric which a spice that that can be purchased at your local health food store. Turmeric is a great herb that fights many things from back pain to many forms of cancer including ovarian cancer. While you are taking turmeric it sets off gene p53 which helps keep all inflammation down. This natural treatment has been approved by many holistic doctors who use it on their own patients. To use this treatment correctly you should have an intake of twenty five hundred to three thousand milligrams per day. Curcumin is the active agent in turmeric and can be purchased as a supplement as well.


Vitamin K

One of the most natural remedies you can find to fight cancer is vitamin K. Vitamin K is found in most dark green leafy vegetables and the yellow colored ones too. What vitamin K does is shrink the tumors caused by ovarian cancer and stop the spread of new ones. You can also get it in supplement form in the vitamin isle at your local health food store. When taking vitamin K you should keep your intake at thirty five milligrams because taking too much can cause blood clots. You should also take three thousand milligrams or more of vitamin C with the thirty five milligrams of Vitamin K in order for this to work more efficiently.


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