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Ovarian Cysts Home Remedies & Natural Treatments


Castor Oil

Castor oil is an unsaturated fat that can be used to cure your ovarian cysts. This will help your body dissolve the cysts and will help your body heal itself. Make sure when you are doing this home remedy that you are not pregnant or on your monthly menstrual cycle. The supplies that you will need are:

One pint of cold pressed castor oil
One ten inch by fourteen inch flannel cloth or cotton, make sure to pre-wash this item before use and make sure to let the cloth dry naturally
One box of saran wrap
One large bath towel
One plastic shower curtain to protect your bed, it can be a table cloth.
One box of baking soda
One gallon zip lock bag to store cloth in when not using it (make sure to store it in the fridge)
One hot water bottle

The first thing to do is fill your hot water bottle filled up with warm water, not hot (do not use an electric heating pad - the alternating electromagnetic field will interfere with the healing process). Put four ounces of the castor oil in a glass jar and set it in a pan of water and heat up over the stove. Cover your bed with the shower curtain or the table cloth. Fold the cloth several times to make it into a pad, make sure that the cloth has completely dried. Then place some saran wrap down and place the cloth pad on top of the saran wrap. Then heavily coat the pad with the warm castor oil and place the pad on the right side of the body. Use the large bath towel to wrap your body and the oil pad together. Lie down on your bed and place the hot water bottle over your oil pad. Keep lying down like this for two straight hours. Make sure not to fall asleep while you are doing this home remedy. You should repeat this process three times for one week. After you have done this you will experience several different colors of discharge which will be normal for this treatment. It is only your body getting rid of your ovarian cysts so do not worry. If you suffer any fever or extreme pain you should go see your doctor immediately.




Using garlic is one great way to cure the ovarian cysts that you have. This herb contains many things that will help support your body’s immune system so that it can heal itself. You should eat garlic every day for a solid month, and then after your cysts have gone away you should keep eating it on a regular basis so that you can prevent future cysts from coming back.


Flax Seed

Flax seed is a natural substance that has been used for hundreds of years to cure many illnesses including ovarian cysts. This seed acts as a fatty acid that your body needs when fighting off an illness. It also will help draw out any toxins that may be in your body that are causing your cysts. The best way to do this cure is by taking an ounce of it daily. Make sure that they are soaked in water first before consuming them. You can also put them in things such as honey or lemon juice that way they are more likely to taste better when consumed. You should keep taking the flax seed even after the cysts have gone away to prevent your body from forming them in the future.


Eat Simple Home Made Foods

Eating things that are convenient can be the cause to your ovarian cysts. When you eat processed and prepared food items, they can contain lots of hormones (meat and dairy) or hormone disruptors (e.g. BPA lining in canned foods and plastic containers) and hormone mimicking chemicals. When you consume these foods you can make your body’s hormone balance go off and cause your ovarian cysts to occur. The best way to avoid this is by not using any prepared, canned and pre-packaged food items.  Instead make your food at home using natural and organic ingredients. You should also avoid using things such as microwaves because they will alter the molecular structure of your food.  This can be another cause of your ovarian cysts. You should also eat more organic foods and avoid foods that have had pesticides applied to them because pesticides can cause your body to have a hormone in-balance making your cysts worse and possibly creating more of them.  When finding a way to get around modernization you should also seriously consider changing your diet along with your eating habits.  This is one of the best natural treatments and home remedies for ovarian cysts.


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