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Homeopathic Resources

Holistic Beauty Compass

Our mission is to navigate a whole body approach to beauty that shows even when we're not wearing make-up.

Liquid Whole Food.com

The premiere site for all the Life Force International products. We carry organic liquid whole food vitamins, other supplements, and homeopathy tinctures.

Pain Spray | Pain Relief

Pain Spray is one of our all-natural herbal health and home products that deliver real benefits instantly because they are formulated by physicians, laboratory researchers, chemists and trained aroma-therapists. You'll love our pain spray, vaginal cream, aromatherapy inhalers, allergy relief and other health and home products.

Homeopathic Services: About Homeopathy

Pierre Fontaine and Homeopathic Services provide classic homeopathy, an alternative medicine in the New York City area.

Flora & Fauna | Classical Homeopathy | Alexis White

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.

My Animal Homeopath.com

Beth pioneered a program at the Oakland Zoo that provides homeopathy to zoo animals, and she continues to consult for animals there. She is a Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH), a title awarded by the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a national organization promoting excellence in homeopathy

Beth Murray - Homeopathy

Homeopathy in the San Francisco Bay area by Certified Classical Homeopath.

Real Homeopathy - Effective Homeopathic Treatment

Effective Homeopathic Treatment by Classically Trained Homeopaths


Our owner is Dana Ullman, MPH, who TIME magazine described as "the Leading Proselytizer of Homeopathy" and ABC News touted as "Homeopathy's Foremost Spokesman." Dana has devoted his life to homeopathy.

Homeopathy for Health

In searching for help with your health problems or with those of your loved ones and friends, you have found your way to my site.

Homeopathy of Newport Beach

Homeopathy uses natural substances that can cause symptoms in a healthy person to cure symptoms in a person who is ill. This is the “Law of Similars,” which is the fundamental principle of Homeopathy.

Holistic Los Angeles | Los Angeles Alternative Medicine

Renowned holistic medicine practice provides first-rate alternative medicine procedures. Call for your consultation and get the treatment you need.

Sound Natural Medicine Kirkland Washington Naturopathic Clinic

Sound Natural Medicine, the practice of Dr. Lisa Wada and Dr. Jennifer Zorin, is a family practice with emphasis in pediatrics, women's health, and fertility enhancement.

Bay Area Homeopathy

Certified Classical Homeopaths practicing according to the established principles of Homeopathy.

St. Paul Acupuncture Clinic

Make an sppointment with complete Oriental Medical Care!

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