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Other Healing Resources


Experts in the detection and removal of negative energies, entities and non-physical intruders from people and places. Psychic and tarot readings, mediumship, channeling, crystal healing, & more.

Spiritual Director - Self-Empowerment - Healing Arts

Kim Illig specializes in the healing arts and archetypal analysis. Contact Kim to begin your spiritual journey today.

Spiritual Healing Center

David Cunningham has worked as a professional healer for over 20 years. Je invites you to healing and counselling sessions in the north east of england and london.

Spiritual Site of Mary LaSota

Joy DNA activations & healing attunement, archangelic attunements and activations.

Magickal Mysts

Provides quality products for the beginner to the advanced wiccan or pagan. Items include incense, herbs and oils, amulets and talismans, etc.

the God Light

Spiritual site coveing Reiki healing, philosophy, mediumship and psychic awareness. Site run by Leon Brown a Reiki master medium and qualified counsellor.

Pure Healing Insight

Located in Wilmington, Delaware specializes in crystal healing, NLP, healing touch and more!

El Convento Yoga Retreats & Holidays in Spain

Holistic yoga retreats and holidays in beautiful nature of Spain. Ashtanga yoga classes suitable for beginners and advanced students, meditation and family yoga holidays with childcare.


Intuitive healing is offered by Carrie Thomas in the Swansea area, South Wales, or by phone. Carrie is able to psychically scan your body to find areas of blocked energy, then she links via spirit guides to bring wisdom and a kinder perspective about health issues.

Feng Shui Inside Out

Offers feng shui consultations, pre-purchase property assessments, home staging, and professional organizing services in Fort Collins, CO.

Reinventing Myself. Heal your heart, love your body and Live your Joy.

Sonya Green believes that the human experience should be joyful and secure. Her honest simplicity and profound insights are expressed with humour and passion but her message is loud, clear and powerful.

Pure Silence

A non dual site which gently points one to the inner silence of being and awareness: The Now, Nonduality and Oneness.

The Headless Way

The Headless Way offers you a practical, user-friendly way to see Who you really are. This method was developed by the philosopher Douglas Harding. At the heart of this approach are the Experiments - awareness exercises that guide your attention directly to your deepest identity.

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