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Hiccups Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Cures



Lemon Juice

Best home remedy for hiccups is to drink some lemon juice. This remedy is tart and will make the hiccups disappear!


More Peanut Butter

I have always use peanut butter as a natural remedy for my hiccup problem. After reading many different home remedy sites I see that many other people use peanut butter as well. What I do is take a spoon of peanut butter and slowly eat it. This natural home remedy is excellent for relieving hiccups!


Holding Breath

Reading all of these home remedies for hiccups make me giggle some. I know it can be a difficult to endure a case of hiccups but reading the remedies makes me laugh which is actually one of the home remedies for healing hiccups! What I usually do to get rid of my hiccups is to hold my breath, close my eyes and then look up. Do this for as long as you can, but not too long. Do not continue to hold your breath if you start feeling faint! This natural home remedy for hiccups works great for me!


Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a very wonderful natural home remedy for hiccups relief. I deal with a bout of hiccups every so often and when I do I usually try and drink cranberry juice and this helps.


Water Hiccups Home Remedy

Drinking a glass of water and then leaning over to drink it always is the best home remedy for hiccups I have found.


Paper Towel over Glass of Water

I have always used this unusual natural remedy for relieving hiccups. I thought it was unusual until I read many other remedies using the same method so it must work! I take a paper towel or napkin and place it over a full glass of water then I drink the water through the paper towel or napkin. This really works!


White Distilled Vinegar

If you find yourself with the hiccups take one or two tablespoons of white distilled vinegar and drink it. This is a natural home remedy for hiccups that may taste bad but works every time.


Salt Natural Remedy

Salt will really help you if you have the hiccups. A natural remedy for hiccups is to take a pinch of salt and eat it while you are hiccupping. Your hiccups will stop.


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