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How to Reduce a Fever Home Remedies



You can use a potato and a pair of your child's socks to help reduce their fever using this great home remedy.  Simply cut the potato in half and place either half in each sock so the cut ends of the potato are against the soles of the feet.  After approximately 45 minutes, your child's body temperature should be reduced by about 5 degrees.  It's important to note the color of the potato, as it has been “cooked” by the body.  The potato's color should be a dark brown to black color.

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Consuming one lemon slice is a wonderful natural remedy for a fever reducer.  This should bring the temperature down quickly.

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A great home remedy for how to reduce fever reducer is to take an entire potato that has been chilled in the refrigerator, cut it into several round slices and put them on the forehead.  The potato literally helps to draw the fever from the body.  Once the potato slices become heated (this will take approximately one minute), replace with more chilled potato slices.  Continue to do this until the slices are no longer heating and the fever is reduced. 

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When suffering from a fever, the body loses fluids and can quickly become dehydrated.  Be sure to drink lots of fluids when you have a fever.  Be sure to consume lots of different drinks such as sports drinks (like Powerade or Gatorade), juice and water.  The different flavored drinks are especially helpful for children with fevers. 

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Taking a bath is a great natural remedy to reduce fever.  It is important that your bath water is neither to warm nor too cold.  If the bath water is too hot, it will simply cause the fever to rise.  If the bath water is too cold, the body will begin to shiver, and this raises the body's temperature.  Soaking in a bath of lukewarm water works best with very high fevers.  Be sure that you do not stay in the bath tub for longer than 15 minutes.  Once you are finished, be sure to dry yourself quickly and dress immediately so you don't begin to have chills. 

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Triphala choorna is a fever reducing treatment.  Consume a teaspoonful before bed time.  This is a great home remedy for fever. 

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You can make a tea from fenugreek seeds to treat fever.  Be sure to drink the tea twice daily.  Fenugreek seeds become viscous when soaked with water and this makes them very effective at is treating fever when the fever is accompanied with mucous.  You will find that the fenugreek tea is soothing and cleansing. This wonderful treatment is an effective home remedy for fever.

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