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Athlete's Foot Home Remedies, Home Cures &  Natural Remedies


Honey Brewer's Yeast

A  great natural home remedy and cure for athlete’s foot is to dress the affected areas with honey and brewer’s yeast twice a day.


Corn Starch

Put cornstarch on your feet before you put on socks and shoes. This will absorb moisture throughout the day putting a damper on the ability of the fungus to grow.


Olive Leaf

Olive leaf extract is a powerful anti-fungicide and anti-bacterial.  It works very well in getting rid of athlete's foot.  Apply the extract to the afflicted areas twice a day and you should see good results in a few days or a week. 




Take a clove of garlic and slice it into thin slices.  Put these slices in your sock where your toes are and leave it in there throughout the day.  Garlic has a potent anti-fungal compound that will get rid of your problem naturally.  This is one of the best natural home remedies for athlete's foot!


The type of shoes you wear can make a difference.  You shouldn’t wear any shoes that are made out of plastic, vinyl, or other type of material that can’t breathe.  You want to avoid building up moisture in your shoes.  Fungus likes a moist habitat. 



This is a good home remedy for Athlete’s Foot condition.  Make a solution of one part vinegar mixed with four parts warm water.  Next, soak your feet for one half hour two times a day.



When you are experiencing the burning and itching of your feet, spray some Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover on the affected areas.  This will make your feet feel good with relief.  After about three minutes, you rinse this off with water.  If you have suffered with Athlete’s Foot for a long time, do this a couple times daily for two days.  This should completely heal up your athlete’s foot!!!  If you read the bottle, you will notice that it says it KILLS ATHLETE”S FOOT FUNGUS!   It really does!


Athlete's Foot Recipe

I have a special home remedy for Athlete’s Foot.  It’s a recipe.

You need to make a mixture of:  Rubbing Alcohol, Boric Acid Powder and Gentian Violet.

Two cups of Rubbing Alcohol

Four teaspoons of Boric Acid Powder

Sixteen drops of 1% Gentian Violet.

You will want to shake this really good as the boric acid powder doesn’t completely dissolve.  This mixture will cause blue stains, so use an old container to put your feet in and to pour the mixture over your feet.  YOUR FEET WILL STAIN BLUE COLORED.  You have to be very careful as this will stain clothing, furniture, etc.  In a few days the stain will wear off your feet.  It is well worth this consequence.  After a few of these treatments; your Athlete’s Foot will have gone away.  You will need to rub your feet with a file in order to exfoliate the dead skin.  By doing this you are able to get under the dead skin and kill the remaining fungus.  I initially used this mixture for my dog and her ongoing ear problems.  I reasoned that if it was able to kill the yeast in her ears, then this should also work on the fungus I had on my feet.  I discovered that I was right.  This actually worked like a charm.  You might want to try this in winter time so others won’t see your blue feet.  


To remove Athlete’s Foot all you have to do is use Tilex bathroom cleaner.  Spray some on the affected area and wait about three minutes then rinse your feet off with cool water.  If you do this two times a week, it should go away in a couple of weeks.


Grapefruit Seed Extract

A great anti fungus treatment for all types of fungus infections is grapefruit seed extract.  You can get this at the healthfood store.  It is potent enough to be used as a preservative in organic and natural lotions.  Put it on full strength.


If you want to treat Athlete’s Foot, try drying the area between your toes after every bath/shower.  This will help prevent the growth of fungus.  I’ve had Athlete’s Foot a couple of times and this has proven to be the best remedy to prevent reoccurrence. 


Tea Tree Oil

The best home remedy for athlete’s foot I know of is Tee Tree oil. It’s a great cure.  I have used it a number of times with great success as have many of my friends and family members.  It never fails.   


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