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Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS Natural Treatments, Cures & Home Remedies




If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, there are various natural treatments you'll likely benefit from.  Some of the best natural remedies are simply a change in lifestyle that will reduce stress, making healthy changes in your diet and taking some diet supplements.  Supplements that help with irritable bowel syndrome include probiotics, flax seed oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil.  These oils help to calm the digestive system reducing inflammation, and probiotics help to restore a healthy balance of bacteria in your digestive organs. 

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The contents that pass through the large intestine are the central determining factor in the function and health of the colon.  Spastic colons are included in this basic common sense rule.  The majority of physicians in this country have little knowledge of the impact of foods on the body.  While this is a very basic perspective, the health and diseases caused by foods are not understood.  This is especially important because the overall health of an individual is dictated by the food and contents of the large bowel.  If the colon is spastic and the patient suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, this is especially important.  Click here to read more about diet as a natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.



A wonderful and effective natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome is to take herbs.  Peppermint is a wonderful choice because it eases the abdominal pain and the diarrhea associated with IBS.  Some studies have shown mixed results when using peppermint to treat irritable bowel syndrome.  The Mayo Clinic has stated that if anyone does use peppermint to treat their IBS, they should use capsules that are enteric coated.  It should also be advised that heartburn is a common side effect of irritable bowel syndrome and peppermint can make this worse. 

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Probiotics are a great natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome.  Essentially, probiotics are the good bacteria that live in the digestive system.  When there aren't enough of these good bacteria present in the gut, then intestinal illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome can arise.

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One of the most effective home remedies for irritable bowel syndrome is the use of partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG), with is a non-gelling fiber that is water soluble.  This fiber actually helps to ease abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome.  It also works to reduce diarrhea and constipation while increasing the amount of good bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacillli) that live in the intestines.  Try PHGG for a wonderful, natural remedy for your irritable bowel syndrome. 

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Food Elimination

Food intolerances are a common cause of irritable bowel syndrome, and these are commonly caused by grains and dairy foods.  When these foods are ingested by people with IBS, they can trigger an auto-immune response in the gut that actually leads to an improper balance of bacteria in the digestive tract and a small amount of inflammation.  To naturally treat irritable bowel syndrome, try to avoid foods that you may have developed an intolerance to.  This is one of the most effective natural remedies for irritable bowel syndrome.

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Pancreatic Enzymes

If you eat a fatty meal, then your irritable bowel syndrome may flare up.  If this is the case with your symptoms, try to take some pancreatic enzymes.  These are a wonderful natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. 

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If you're looking for a wonderful, great natural cure for irritable bowel syndrome, hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  This is a completely drug free and all natural treatment for IBS. 

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Vitamin C & Magnesium Natural Remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is easily treated with a natural remedy of a vitamin C regimen.  It's best for the body in ascorbic acid form.  Magnesium is also a wonderful natural irritable bowel syndrome treatment.  Vitamin C not only gives a fantastic boost to the immune system, and there are lots of clinical studies to back up this claim.  It has even been shown to be safe in larger doses.

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One of the worst side effects of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome is the diarrhea.  This can easily be treated with the amino acid L-glutamine.  Not only is this one of the best natural remedies for irritable bowel syndrome that I have come across, but it also works extremely fast, and I typically see the results within three days.  Not only is this a great natural remedy, but it's tasteless and dissolves completely in water.  Start this awesome treatment with about a quarter of a teaspoon mixed with a cold or room-temperature glass of water.  Try to do this about two to three times daily.  Once your body has gotten used to this wonderful treatment, begin to increase the dosage in a small, gradual way.  Eventually, you can work you way up to a full teaspoon each day.  This amino acid works well because it heals the mucosal lining of your intestines and helps the intestines to absorb water from waste products.  L-glutamine also helps to reduce the frequency of bowel movements and also reduces them in size as well.  This natural treatment should not be used if you are suffering from liver or kidney disease. 

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To decrease the harmful effects of irritable bowel syndrome, be sure to avoid foods that irritate the digestive tract.  These foods include pizza, spaghetti sauce (or any tomato based foods), caffeine, hydrogenated fats, refined flour (bleached, white flour), and refined sugar.  There are lots of people that also see that their IBS is made worse with coffee (even with decaf).  Processed foods should also be avoided.  These include hot dogs, lunch meats and anything that you have to unwrap to eat.  If you suffer from IBS, be sure to avoid anything artificial like flavor or color.  Preservatives and MSG should also be avoided. 


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