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Birth Defects 



Vitamin E

The thought of having your baby born with a birth defect is always a concern.  So if you want to rest easy, make sure you are as healthy as possible.  If you take some extra vitamin E during your pregnancy, this will help with the healing of your reproductive organs. 


Iron & Iodine

While you’re pregnant, you want to be healthy and try to make sure your newborn will not be premature and/or have birth defects.  You need to maintain strong levels of Iron and iodine during your pregnancy.  I suggest some supplements like alfalfa, kelp, and dandelion, as they are great sources of iron and iodine.  


If you are worried about that little baby inside of you and want it to be healthy and normal without birth defects, I have some wise suggestions for you.  First with your diet, you should avoid caffeine, and sugar.  Also, avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and definitely don’t take any drugs.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  You’d be surprised how many pregnant mothers can actually do this.


Raspberry Tea

I have a home remedy to help you prevent birth defects.  Now we all want to have beautiful healthy babies without problems or any birth defects.  So I recommend that you drink red raspberry tea.  This tea will maintain and actually improve your reproductive system during your pregnancy.


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