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Parasite Home Remedies & Natural Cures



If you’re looking for a great way to cleanse yourself of parasites look no further. Using one half gram of Sprague powder and one half gram of molasses just one time is a great way to clear out most parasites.



Getting rid of parasitic worms doesn’t have to be hard anymore. By eating two grated carrots daily, it will get rid of those parasites and keep them away without any fuss. This natural remedy has been used for ages and still is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of parasites.



Spearmint Juice Home Remedy for Parasites

A great way of ridding yourself of parasites is using spearmint juice. You just add one teaspoon of spearmint juice with one teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon of black salt together and then take it like it was medicine. This home remedy is very good and much less harsh than a commercial product.



Having worms can cause you a lot of problems and can turn your life upside down. One simple remedy that can help you is coconuts. Coconuts are very effective at cleansing the body and can help you get rid of parasites as well. This remedy takes three to four days for it to work effectively so do not expect instant results. Here is what you do; every morning during the next four days drink eight ounces of coconut water before you eat or drink anything else, then in-between meals chew on some coconut continuously. Doing this will increase your coconut water intake so it will flush your body more. Once you have done this for three to four straight days you will have cleansed your body and should have no more worms.


Warm Water Cleanse

Using warm water to cleanse your body while you have parasites can be a great way for you solve your problem. Every night before you go to bed drink eight ounces of warm water that has one half gram of Sprague and one half gram of black salt mixed in it. Doing this for one week will certainly produce solid results that will solve your problem.


Lemon Seed

As soon as you find out that you have parasites you will need to cleanse your body right away, because the longer they stay in there the more harm they can cause you. A simple easy way cleanse your body in a more natural way is to use lemon seed. Take all the seeds from one lemon and let them dry out. This can be done by placing them in an oven at 350 degrees for one half hour. Once the seeds are dried out crush them into a powder and drink it with one eight ounce glass of warm water. Do this for five days and you will have cleansed yourself of those troublesome worms.



Fruits are important to our diet and can help us in many ways that range from giving us healthy nutrition to giving our immune system a boost. One of the wonderful things fruit does for us is cleansing our bodies of parasites. One particular fruit does this for us and that is the pomegranate, particularly the juice from the pomegranate. Drinking this juice for five straight days will cleanse your body thoroughly.


Spiegel Natural Remedy for Parasites

Taking a handful of Spiegel seeds with some roasted fennel is one natural remedy that works great at cleaning the body of unwanted critters. Just do this twice for three days straight and you should be feeling much better.



Looking around your kitchen you will find a few different items that will help cleanse your body of worms. One of those items is tomatoes because tomatoes are highly acidic and contain a lot of liquid in them, both of which are needed to cleanse the body. To make this work you cut up two to three tomatoes into fourths then sprinkle black salt and pepper onto each piece before eating them. Make sure to this on an empty stomach so it will attack the parasites head on without having other foods get in the way. This remedy will not just cleanse your body of worms but it will help clean your teeth and tongue too.


Pumpkin Seeds

Eating crushed pumpkin seeds for three days will cleanse your body of worms and hitchhikers in no time. You can start by extracting the seeds from the pumpkin, then when the seeds are out of the pumpkin peel the shell of the seeds off and then crush the insides and then eat them up.


Prune Home Remedy for Parasites

Prunes can cleanse your body in more ways than the one we all know about. In fact they can do marvelous things for your body including cleansing it of parasites. Boil ten prunes on the stove then squeeze the juice out of the prunes. Drink the juice for a month solid, this should do the trick and have you feeling like new again. This may not sound like a fun home remedy but it sure does work.



Parasites can be a problem for many people and need to be dealt with right away when you discover that they have them. Using papaya is one way that has been proven to work well at getting rid of most forms of parasites.  Start with mixing one tablespoon of papaya juice with one teaspoon of honey. After you have mixed the papaya and honey, mix one teaspoon of castor oil with one cup of almond milk. Take the honey and papaya mixture first then chase it down with the almond milk. Keep doing this remedy once a day for three straight days in order to get rid of worms.


Almond Milk

By mixing two grams of Sprague with one hundred and twenty five milliliters of almond milk for seven days will set your body free.  


Flax Seed

Flax seed is a natural herb that has no harmful side effects and can clear your body of any worms that you have. Grind up ten parts flax seed with one part clove, this can be done in a blender, but it works better if you use a coffee grinder. When you have finished grinding the two ingredients you will have a fine powder mixture. Take 1 ounce for every one hundred and thirty pounds that you weigh. Start taking the powder straight away; take it once a day for three straight days. After the three days take a break from this remedy for three days, and then go back on the remedy for three more days. Keep rotating between taking the powder and not taking the powder like this for a solid month. This parasite natural home remedy will have done its job at the end of the month leaving your body free of unwanted guests


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