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Headaches and Diet


One of the most prevalent causes of headaches is drugs and this includes caffeine and alcohol. The toxic poisons left behind in our body after drinking alcohol cause our head to ache. This is commonly referred to as a "hangover." Persons who regularly consume tea or coffee may also experience a headache which results directly from these beverages when one attempts to abstain from them. This unpleasant withdrawal symptom may occur toward the end of the day or during the weekends when a smaller volume of coffee is consumed. The good news is that headaches will typically come to an end following total abstinence from any offending drug and typically in less than five days. We should bear in mind that physician-prescribed, recreational and over the counter drugs can also be suspected as the cause of headaches. This can also be true of innocent appearing medications such as cold remedies and birth control pills.

The most common causes of headaches, including migraine headaches, are foods. Most of these painful headaches occur as the result of an allergic reaction to foods that we eat. These foods can be natural in origin such as milk proteins or they can be as unnatural as chemical additives that are routinely put in our foods by food technologists. Since 1913 it has been suspected that allergic reactions are the cause of migraine headaches. Numerous scientific studies and articles have demonstrated a clear relationship between common foods and migraine headaches. Most enlightening is the discovery that between 70% and 90% of long-term migraine headache sufferers can be liberated from their painful headaches in under two weeks once they identify and remove the allergenic foods.


The health benefits of changing one's diet are not only for migraine sufferers. It is common to experience total relief of headaches from an unknown cause within days after changing the diet. This pronouncement of miraculous benefits will not apply to persons who have neck and head pains from a known cause or causes such as cancer, tension, injury, infections or degenerative arthritis.

Since one typical source of headaches is trouble with the sinuses, it is easy to understand why a change in diet can be so beneficial. Mucus is produced in the membranes which line the sinuses. These tissues can swell and become inflamed as a direct result of food allergies or because of airborne particles inhaled through the nose and into the lungs. The inflammatory process is always accompanied by pain. Pain also results from the fluid pressures that accumulate in sinuses that drain poorly. The most common culprits for causing sinus problems are dairy products. It would be a very sad thing if you bypassed the opportunity to relieve your headaches by simply eliminating cheese, milk and other dairy products from the foods you eat. However, we should keep in mind that other foods can also cause sinus trouble and headaches.

If you suffer from migraine headaches and other headaches for which there is no known cause, the single most beneficial direction you can take is to begin eating healthier foods. Because milk and dairy products are the number one allergen causing more allergic reactions than any other food, you should definitely begin here. This includes eliminating seemingly innocuous dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and skimmed milk. The next most probable offenders are chocolate and eggs followed by citrus fruits, corn and wheat. However, the opportunities for being afflicted by allergenic foods are without limit. Some persons must undertake an elimination diet in order to make an identification of the foods which are causing them problems.

Even though it would be simpler to find "the magic fix" or the "quick pill" we should understand that this path does not exist. The good news is that a real miracle is now within your grasp and you have the ability to eliminate your headaches.

First visit your health care physician to eliminate the possibility of any causes that can be corrected through standard medical treatment. Failing to find any such cause change your diet to a non-dairy, low-fat, starch-based diet. Stop consuming caffeine, alcohol or any other drugs and stimulants that could be because of your headache (do not discontinue prescription drugs without the advice of your doctor).

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