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Colon Cleanse Home Remedies



The first item to consider regarding colon cleansing is diet.  Many natural health practitioners through the centuries have maintained that most disease begins in the colon.  Bad food, putrefying food and a diet void of fiber contribute to the health of our colon and therefore our bodies.  The colon is highly absorptive.  It was designed to recycle excess water in our excreta and reabsorb it back into our system.  If you are constipated, the fecal matter will start to decay producing large amounts of toxins which will be absorbed by the colon into your body.  This puts an extra load on the organs especially the liver.  Eating meat makes this even worse.  Plant eating animals have intestines that are three times longer than meat eating animals.  The reason for this is the meat eating animals must excrete the digested flesh quickly or it will begin to putrefy and poison the system.  Humans have the long intestines because the human body was designed to be a plant eater.  Purification of meat is highly toxic and poisons are absorbed back into the body.  The fact that physicians can give patients medicine in the form of a suppository underscores how absorptive the colon is.  Click her for more information on colon health and diet.


A high enema is one of the best ways to periodically cleanse the colon.  The famous herbalist Jethro Kloss in his seminal book Back to Eden, recommended high enemas.  To do this required taking up to two full enema bags of warm water.  One normally had to work up to this over time.  Also, two bags can be taken in stages.  Take the first bag of water and then excrete that along with feces.  Having cleared much of feces from the colon, one can then more likely hold two bags of water.  After having administered the warm water, lay on the floor on your back and gently massage the lower abdomen to work the water around giving the colon a thorough cleanse.  This will also allow the water to work up the sigmoid colon, across the transverse colon and back down the ascending colon which is on the right side of the body.  This is why it is known as a high enema.  Most enemas do not get beyond the lowest point which is the descending sigmoid colon.  One should try to hold the water for about 15 minutes before excreting.  This does take some practice but it can be done.  Kloss recommended these enemas for a host of physical afflictions.


Ayurvedic medicine (from India) has an herbal concoction which has equal amounts of the fruits of three myrobalan fruit bearing plants.  These plants are terminalia chebula, emblic officinalis, and terminalia bellirica.  This preparation is useful for many maladies and is a good colon cleansing agent.  It can correct diverticulitis and is useful in liver disorders.  It is anti-inflammatory and also anti-viral.  On January 13, 2004, Dr. Andrew Weil appeared on the Larry King show and had this to say, “…what I recommend; there is an herbal product from India.  It’s one of the most famous… herbal drugs, it’s call Triphala.  It’s a bowel regulator not a laxative.  It’s something you can stay on regularly.  It can be very helpful to you.”


To keep the body in good health and to eliminate toxins, colon cleansing is necessary.  There are a number of colon cleansing methods which are recommended by natural health practitioners.  One such method is the colonic.  An irrigating machine is used to spray water into the colon while a complementary suction tube pulls the water and feces out.  However, many persons want to cleanse their colons by natural methods and deploying other home remedies for colon cleansing.  One can do these colon cleansing home remedies to cleanse the colon and remove poisons and toxins from one’s body without having to leave home.  [continued on next page]

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