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Colon Cleanse Home Remedies



Herbal Colon Cleansing

Numerous herbs are available for efficient colon cleansing.  These herbs can be purchased as powders or as teas or as supplements.  Here are some of them.

Flax seeds – these provide bulk and water absorption to expand the volume of the fecal matter.  This allows the intestines to more easily evacuate.

Psyllium – This is sometimes referred to as Nature’s colon broom.  Like flax seeds, psyllium is excellent at providing moist bulk for efficient elimination.

Ginger – Stimulates the colon and removes bloating.  Also excellent remedy for nausea

Aloe Vera – This is very healing to all parts of the digestive tract (just as it is healing to the skin).

Barberry – Stimulating to the colon.

Garlic – Eliminates parasites and worms from the intestines.

These colon cleansing home remedies do not have any side effects.

Probiotic Colon Cleanse

These replenish the good flora and microbes in the gut which are necessary for proper intestinal health.  You can purchase probiotic supplements from a health food store.  These should especially be taken after one completes a round of antibiotics. 

The Fasting Colon Cleanse

Fasting is often a useful way to cleanse the colon.  This is also beneficial for other organs such as the kidneys and the liver to push out toxins.  It gives a much needed rest to the entire digestive tracts.  While fasting, drink juices, both fruit and vegetable, but avoid any solid food.


The Colon Cleanse and Chinese Medicine

Both Chinese and Western medicine agree that colon cleansing is not desirable and may actually cause harm.  The colon naturally cleans itself.  Contrary to claims made by those who make a living from cleansing colons, there is no accumulation of plaque or other residues in the intestines.  Autopsies have never revealed these alleged accumulations.  Most all disease which has been blamed on toxins and poisons in the intestines can be easily attributed to other causes in Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine has never embraced enemas.  Western doctors also contend that enemas designated to cleanse the colon can interrupt the natural state of the intestines.  If the problem is chronic constipation, this can easily be corrected with diet, herbs and acupuncture.


Yoga and the Colon Cleanse

In the practice of yoga, there is a colon cleanse method called “Shankhaprakshalana” or “varisara dhauti” and this is the use of water to wash and cleanse the colon internally.  The process is subtle and it is designed to correct the damages created by toxins.  These toxins are found in the sinus area, skin, intestine, kidneys, liver and in all other parts of the body.  If one practices this colon cleansing method, one will keep at bay many illnesses including high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and heart problems.  Shankhaprakshalana is a combination of the word “shankha” which is a conch shell, and “prakshalana” which means to wash or cleanse.  The conch shell represents the entire alimentary canal.  The process is to cleanse the intestines by washing away impurities with salt water.

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