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Liver Disease Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Natural Diet

To initially treat liver disease, the first step is to always have the patient stop any alcohol consumption.  This is especially important if the alcohol consumption is the cause of the damaged liver.  The patient suffering from liver disease should also be placed on a natural diet that is low in sodium, fat and protein but high in complex carbohydrates. 

Low Protein Diet

Sometimes drugs are prescribed to help the patient that has the damaged liver.  It is common to see a liver disease patient placed on diuretics because these can relieve the edema and will also somewhat compensate if the patient is not cooperating and adhering to a low-salt diet.  Some drugs (such as lactulose) will decrease the amount of protein that is absorbed from the intestine, which reduces the amount of protein processed by the liver.  This is especially helpful if the patient is having trouble keeping a low protein diet.  Some doctors also prefer to prescribe steroids to decrease inflammation.  A low protein diet means to stay away from meat and dairy.

Medications will only treat the symptoms of the liver disease and do not address the liver disease itself.  These medications will only improve quality of life for a short amount of time, but they are only masking the symptoms of an underlying disease that can be handled by a diet overhaul.  Physicians rarely recommend that a patient adhere to a strict diet until the disease is too far advanced and a diet won't help the patient at that point. 

Liver disease can be treated by a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates, low protein and low fat.  This starch based diet should be started at the initial signs of liver disease so that the maximum benefits can be reached.  This healthy diet will actually decrease the burden that is placed on the liver in a typical diet when it is forced to process excess additives, fats, cholesterol and proteins.  The McDougall diet consists of low fat and high quality foods that essentially diminishes the amount of fat in the diet, which will help the liver in about one to two months.  This will also lead to a significant weight loss and improvement in diabetes.  The progress of the liver can be monitored with blood tests.  The liver enzymes SGPT and SGOT will be measured.  For more information on the McDougall diet, go to www dot drmcdougall dot com.


Milk Thistle

This is an astonishing and profoundly effective herbal medicine for all forms of liver disease and damage.  It has been used to treat liver problems for over 2000 years and over 400 studies have been done proving its efficacy.  Click here to read more about Milk Thistle Liver Treatment.


Diet and Precautions

Liver disease can be avoided by avoiding any food or activity that causes harm to the liver.  Food-wise, this means not to drink excessively and to maintain a healthy, all-natural diet.  Activity-wise, this means to always practice “safe sex” as hepatitis is a sexually transmitted disease.  You should also use clean needles, be hygienic and avoid any type of a blood transfusion.  If you are at high risk for contracting a liver disease, perhaps you should look into the many effective vaccines that are available.  

* * *

Glucose, Lemon Juice & Papaya

The diet should immediately be changed.  Fat intake should be greatly reduced.  Fat is difficult to process in the body and it is especially hard on the liver.  Processed foods, fried food and spicy food should be avoided.  Turmeric and chili are also food that should not be ingested.  You should increase the intake of complex carbohydrates, as this is a great source of energy and is easily processed by the liver.  These are all excellent natural cures for liver disease.  Another great natural cure for liver disease is to mix one teaspoon of glucose in one glass of water.  Drink this three times a day.  You can also try a pinch of salt, the juice of one lemon and one glass of water to treat liver disease naturally.  Another great home remedy for liver disease is mixing ten drops of lemon juice with one tablespoon of juice from the black seeds of a papaya.  Drink this drink twice a day for one month. 

* * *

Cumin Seeds Natural Liver Disease Home Remedy

One of my favorite natural remedies for liver disease is to roast cumin seeds and drink them in some buttermilk with some salt.  You can also try mixing 8 ounces of carrot juice with 3 ounces of either spinach or cucumber juice.  Drink this mixture daily for one month.  These are both wonderful natural cures for liver disease. 

* * *

Hydration Therapy

If your liver disease is caused by the hepatitis virus, perhaps you'll benefit from the natural cure of hydration therapy. 

* * *

Liver Detox Remedy

There are lots of home remedies that are great for treating liver disease.  Try liver detoxification, meditation or yoga.  If the liver disease is caught in the early stages, it can usually be effectively treated using natural remedies and some life changes (like changes in diet and activity).  Never ignore the signs and symptoms of liver disease.  If the liver disease progresses enough, death can be the result. 

* * *

Low Fat Natural Remedy for Liver Disease

In addition to sticking to a diet that is low in fat, proteins and sodium, try to also consume a diet that is rich in several vitamins, but most importantly, vitamin B.  A typical day of eating may be an orange, whole wheat toast, milk and cereal for breakfast, a salad, brown rice, cooked vegetables and lean meat for lunch and a salad, cooked fish and some whole grain toasts for dinner.  You can also have fruit as snacks throughout the day.  This is a great home remedy for liver disease. 

* * *

Small Meals

One of the best natural remedies for liver disease is to try to avoid eating large meals.  Small meals are more easily digested and can be processed better by the body.  Be sure to avoid spicy foods and foods that are really oily.  Tobacco and alcohol are forbidden.  Carbonated drinks, tea and coffee are allowed, but only in very small amounts.  Processed food should not be eaten.  Follow these guidelines to naturally cure your liver disease. 

* * *

Detox Vegetables

There are several foods that can be eaten as excellent home remedies for liver disease.  Try vegetables that detox the body such as beetroot, beans, tomatoes, cabbage and sprouts.  Drumstick and bitter gourd are wonderful for liver disease.  Curd should be replaced with buttermilk.  Garlic has lots of health properties, and it is also excellent for treating liver disease.  Cucumber juice, spinach juice and carrot juice are all wonderful home remedies for treating liver disease. 

* * *


Liver disease can be prevented by following several simple natural remedies.  First of all, you should try to follow a good diet and lifestyle.  There are also lots of vaccinations for hepatitis A and B that are available if you are especially susceptible to the diseases.  It is also a good idea to stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking and to keep your weight under control.  You should also be sure to follow a regular exercise schedule. 

* * *

Yoga for Liver Disease

Exercise is a wonderful natural remedy for liver disease.  One of the best exercises for this is pranayam yoga.  You should try about fifteen minutes each morning and night of anulom vilom and Kapalbhaati.  Be sure to wait five hours after each meal before starting. 

* * *

Mint & Ginger Liver Disease Home Remedy

A great home remedy for liver disease is this simple homemade drink.  Grind ten fresh mint leaves and 1/3 ounce of ginger together.  Combine the powder with a cup of water.  Then, add twenty drops of fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.  Drink these every morning for a month. 

* **

Chelidonium 30 Homeopathic Home Remedy

A great homeopathic natural home remedy for liver disease is Chelidonium 30.  For fifteen days, take five pills twice daily. 

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