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Anxiety Natural Remedies, Natural Cures & Home Treatments



If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks here is my natural remedy.  Proper breathing is an art that is hard to master but it will make a world of difference.  If you pay attention to how most adults breathe, you will see that they breathe incorrectly.  They will usually breathe from their chest/rib cage.  During the time of having an attack people will usually hyperventilate and this will result in too much oxygen.  Instead one should breathe in slowly and count to three, then hold and start to breath out and slowly count to five.  When you do this you should be laying flat on your back with your hands on your stomach, or be sitting upright.  With each breath make sure to raise your hands.  Use this approach every day at least two to three times for about three minutes duration.  And, it goes without saying to do this whenever you’re in the midst of having anxiety or an actual panic attack.  This approach really helps and is one of the best home remedies for anxiety!



Hemp Oil

Taking a small amount of hemp oil can greatly reduce anxiety. There is now much evidence that hemp oil with reduced THC (tetra hydra cannabinol) and increased Cannabidiol works just as well. There are 85 cannabinoids in marijuana and it is the THC that has the intoxicating effect. If you live in a state with medical marijuana you are in luck!


Scenar Device

Use a Scenar device to reduce or stop anxiety and panic attacks. Go here to read more about this.


Allergies Cause Anxiety

Many problems that don't have a discoverable cause are the result of food allergies.  Anxiety is one of the symptoms (among many) that can manifest due to these allergies.  As we age, too, we develop allergies we never had when we were younger and they may or may not have other symptoms.  The good news about this is allergies can be controlled with diet.  Also you can do an elimination diet to find the foods you are allergic too.  Click here to read about Diet and Allergies


Tulsi Tea

Regarded by Ayurvedic medicine as the greatest of all medicinal herbs, it is known as an adaptogen and anti-stress herb.  Read more about Tulsi as Calming Anti-stress Agent.



Magnesium is referred to as the Cadillac of minerals because so many other minerals require magnesium to be assimilated.  The USDA estimated that 75% of persons in the USA do not even get the minimum daily requirement of magnesium.  It is a natural remedy for anxiety and, in fact, you can even buy a product called Calm that is simply magnesium citrate.  It also lowers blood pressure, stops heart arhythmias, and cures migraines.  So try taking a magnesium supplement for a few months and it may help your anxiety.



Meditation can get to the core of anxiety and panic attacks.  Sit in a comfortable position with the spine errect.  Watch your breath as in inhale and then as you exhale. This is about relaxing the mind.  When you drift away into thoughts, just pull yourself back and watch the breath.  At first you will be surprised at how difficult this can be.  Like anything, practice makes it better and more fullfilling.  It is like learning to play the violin.  It gets to be more fun the better you get at it. This is the best natural home remedy for anxiety.


Get Rid of Stressor Foods

Look at your diet for excessive consumption of stress causing foods such as sugar, maple syrup, honey, milk and all milk products.  Add in additional complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, other grains, beans and potatoes.  Diary causes a lot of problems.  It is the number one food allergen.  More people are allergic to milk than any other food.


Flower Essences as Anxiety Natural Cure

The fragrance of flower essences can help with anxiety and panic attacks.  If you have a feeling of foreboding and apprehension and it is not clear as to why, try Aspen.  Use Mimulus for fear of known causes such as timidity and shyness.  If you have excess anxiety and over-caring for others try Red Chestnut.  You can try a product called Rescue Remedy for general stress arising from anxiety.



As a natural treatment for anxiety you should redirect your focus on something like reading.  I actually go to WebMD and read about what problem I’m experiencing and after awhile I’ve calmed way down.  I think it is a matter of getting your mind focused on something else.  It may also be helpful for the reduction of anxiety to take place when you realize that what is going on isn’t as bad as you thought or imagined. 


 Vitamin B Complex

it is well known that the B vitamins have a calming effect on the nervous system. If you are taking a multivitamin check to see how much biotin is in the product. It should have 100% of the minimum daily requirement. Cheap products will have maybe 10%.


Stabilium as Anxiety Natural Cure

Stabilium is a supplement made of Garum Armoricum (composed of various herbs, salt and fish dating to the Roman Empire), lecithin and sunflower oil. It is manufactured in France. Two clinical studies revealed that Stabilium did help persons suffering with severe anxiety. Recently another test was conducted at California Polytechnic State University on college students using a double-blind, placebo-controlled-led crossover study. College students were considered to be a good test group because of their academic stress. Stability and was shown to be very effective in removing the anxiety of the students. Stabilium is classified as an adaptogen and can help increase stamina and energy, improve sleep and balance mood.



There is an herb that can balance the serotonin in your brain and help you to achieve the feeling of balance and less anxiety.  It is 5-HTP.  This will also aid you to get more sleep at night.  I think it’s well known that if you are missing in the amount of sleep you get each night, then your anxiety or any other health issues will be impacted in a negative way. This is one of the best natural treatments for anxiety.


Ginger Natural Remedy for Anxiety

I’ve suffered from anxiety to the point that I get a feeling of complete exhaustion.  In my opinion, it is helpful to chew a bit of ginger.  This really helps me.  One reason this works for me is that the taste distracts my mind.  Another reason is that ginger can relieve nausea symptoms that you may have with anxiety.  Give it a try and see if it works.  If it doesn’t, it is still positive because ginger is great anyway!



GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid. It can alter our mood by elevating levels of serotonin which is a brain neurotransmitter and a mood regulator.  This is an excellent home remedy for anxiety and panic attacks.


God and Water

I have panic attacks that are really horrible.  I always panic and think that I’m dying.  Whenever a panic attack comes on I get fearful and think to myself that if I couldn’t breathe I’d actually be dead by now.  I pray to God saying how scared I am and ask for strength.  This can provide a good way to not feel alone during these times.  Also, it helps if you drink lots of water.


Ball Natural Treatment for Anxiety

I’ve discovered something that has proved to be very effective home remedy for me whenever I’m experiencing an anxiety attack.  What I do is pick up a tennis ball or some small object that I can toss back and forth.  You need to keep tossing it back and forth.  What this does is it will interrupt the activity of the left and right sides of your brain.  This will incur a process that will make it impossible to have a panic attack.  Sometimes during a panic attack if you close your eyes and focus on the attack itself, this can relieve the worry.  When you are lightly tossing the object or ball back and forth; this action will allow you to start feeling more and more relaxed.  There are other suggestions that may provide help and relief.  Proper diet can influence the occurrence of panic attacks.  Also make sure to get plenty of exercise.  Practicing yoga, meditation and doing alternate nostril breathing (pranayama) can be helpful on many levels.  Taking herbal supplements can also be helpful.  All these various things can work.  It is possible for you to experience a state of relaxation and to feel free of anxiety. 


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