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Alzheimer's Natural Cures & Alternative Treatments



Alzheimer’s disease is one of the fastest growing epidemics in the USA.  This malady has appeared in our lives only the past 2 or 3 decades.  It just did not plague us until recent years.  We have developed this new disease simply because we are subjecting the human body to things it has never experienced before. Click here to read more about Prevention, Cause and Cure of Alzheimer's disease.


Gingko Biloba Natural Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

I highly recommend an herbal approach as a natural cure for treating Alzheimer’s disease.  One major herb that is widespread and known for providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory results is Ginkgo Biloba.  It can actually protect the brain from cellular damage. 


Coconut Oil Reverses Alzheimer's

In the following video, coconut oil changes one man's life.  His wife, an MD, came up with the treatment after much research.  This is a really good video.


Avoid Smoking and Drinking

A natural cure for Alzheimer’s:  The person with Alzheimer’s should not smoke or drink alcohol. Their diet should be one that avoids high fat. One should avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates, salt, and environmental toxins.  Anti-inflammatory agents like anti-oxidants are very helpful for treating Alzheimer’s sufferers.  In general; a person suffering from Alzheimer’s should have a diet that includes anti-oxidants like vitamin A, green tea, vitamin C, and other antioxidants.   


Vitamin E

When a study is taken of nearly any condition or disease, one will straight away discover clinical evidence that Vitamin E will benefit you.  Diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease, immune system problems, dementia, macular degeneration, cataracts, skin problems, lupus, aging and numerous cancers all point to a deficiency of Vitamin E as one of the causes. Pick a brand that contains all four natural mixed tocopherols instead of the cheap alpha only tocopherol.  200 IU daily is sufficient. Don't take huge doses as it is fat soluable and will accumulate in the liver.


Lecithin Natural Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

I have found that Lecithin can work like a miracle for Alzheimer’s!  I gave some to my great uncle and it had amazing results.  He started to regain functional abilities and was soon talking and feeding himself.  We ended up returning the wheelchair.  I also notice an improvement in his skin tone and started trying this for myself.  I’ve taken Lecithin for fifteen years and people often think I’m 15 years younger than I am.  I currently take three gel caps daily.  If I go a period of  about a week, I notice a difference in my stress level.  I can definitely say that I swear by them.  You can get the Lecithin gel caps at any Walgreens.


Cannibus Sativa

This is an Alzheimer's natural cure you may not have heard of.  I know this may sound awful or unethical to some but something happened to my grandmother that helped her condition with Alzheimer’s.  While my mother was smoking pot she blew some smoke towards my grandmother and this resulted in my grandmother reacting as if she was free of Alzheimer’s.


Avoid Statin (Cholesterol) Drugs

My suggestion is for any person with Alzheimer’s to avoid the use of statin drugs.  If there is testing of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s it would show a 100% correlation between the usage of statin drugs and the loss of cognitive functioning.  There is a book about this by Henry Lorin called Alzheimer’s Solved.  Anyone interested in Alzheimer’s should read this.  Lorin says that most cases of Alzheimer’s disease are brought about by having low levels of cholesterol in the brain of an elderly person for long periods of time.  He shows only two exceptions and that is Down’s Syndrome and for those who have had past brain surgery or trauma.  Lorin observed that persons with type-2 diabetes have a very low incidence of Alzheimer’s.  Lorin made notice of the fact that, as a rule, type-2 diabetes occurs along with high cholesterol levels and obesity.  When Lorin looked at Cree Indians who are genetically prone to type-2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels, he found that they had a very low incidence of Alzheimer’s.  This caused him to wonder if cholesterol protected the brain from Alzheimer’s.  Lorin lists over 2500 references in his ten years of study.


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