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Age Spot Home Remedies & Natural Treatments


Cod Liver Oil

A good home remedy to reduce age spot coloration is to apply cod liver oil or vitamin E oil to the affected areas daily.


Selenium and Herbs Age Spots Home Remedies

To treat age spots try selenium, and various herbs including: dandelion, liquorice, dandelion, gotu kola, and sarsaparilla in capsule or tea form.


Lemon Juice

Take pure lemon juice and rub it on your skin (thank goodness it works for freckles too), then moisturize the skin.  Make sure you don’t rinse first.



Lemon Juice Home Remedy for Age Spots

A useful home remedy for age spots is to use fresh lemon juice every day until the age spots are reduced or removed.


Cinnamon & Honey

Apply powdered cinnamon and honey to the affected area and leave on for 20 minutes, then clean off.   This sounds disgusting, but it really works!  …ALSO, DO NOT FORGET TO MOISTURIZE AFTERWARD


Clean Colon & Liver

The best home remedy for treating age spots will not have to do with the outside the body because age spots originate on the inside of the body.  Using a proper colon cleanse and liver cleanse after time will eliminate age spots from where they formed.  Again, not the outside but the inside of the body.  This is not only a cosmetic issue but is also a toxic accumulation issue. Thats why they are hardly seen on younger people but are more common on older people. 


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