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Bacterial Vaginitis Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Cures & Treatments



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Natural home remedy to treat Bacterial Vaginitis:  I thought I’d share with you what worked for me.  First, I started to take acidophilus and regular probiotics to deal with the friendly bacteria.  I also take a tampon and soak in plain yogurt before inserting it in my vagina before I go to sleep.  I think that Stony Fields Farm Yogurt is the best choice as it has a lot of different probiotics.   I also use ¼ cup of tea tree oil and 3/4 cup of water and mix it together and douche about once per week.  I hope this home remedy for bacterial vaginitis is successful for you!    


Hydrogen Peroxide

Use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed in water. This works great.  Mix 50/50 hydrogen peroxide with water in a cup.  A turkey baster makes a good way to get it up into your vagina.  Hold this in for about 5 minutes and then push it out when you are in the shower.  The smell will be gone for at least five days.  This is one of the best natural treatments for bacterial vaginitis.


Cold Compress

Bacterial vaginitis frequently affects women and is somewhat common.  Get medical help with this if the infection endures longer than a week.  There are some good natural home remedies which can be used to keep bacterial vaginitis infection under control.  One thing to do is to put cold compresses on the infected area.  Simply take a washcloth and wrap it around some ice cubes and apply this for some time to the area.  If you are not already using 100% cotton panties then switch.  Change your panties two or three times a day.  Make sure the whole vaginal area is kept dry.  If you have itching and scratching, place used teabags on the area to draw out the infection.  This will give immediate relief.  Make a mixture of rose water and sandalwood oil, store it in the refrigerator and put this on the area for long lasting relief.  Take turmeric capsules to relieve infection.  Use warm water with soap to wash your vagina working from the vagina to the anus and then cleanse completely with a solution of water with hydrogen peroxide.  Avoid all types of sugar as this will inflame the infection.


Golden Seal

A great home remedy for bacterial vaginitis is to make a tea with golden seal root and cleanse your vaginal area with it twice a day for 3 days.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Douche the genital area with a cotton ball dipped in apple cider vinegar twice a day. This is one of the best home remedies to treat bacterial vaginitis.


Cotton Panties or No Panties

Use a soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water to wash your vaginal area.  Use a hair dryer to dry the area.  Refrain from wearing any panties at all for a while.  Use only cotton panties or pajamas.  It is best if you can not wear any panties during the night once the infection has gone away.  Change panties at least once a day and wash them with a disenfectant like bleach.  Sun drying your panties will also help disinfect them.


Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

I have been around and around with bacterial vaginitis for about a year.  What I discovered is to use a 3% hydrogen peroxide douche without water.  I hold it in my vagina by squeezing for 2 or 3 minutes.  Then release to let it out.  I put baking soda around the outside and that worked great to stop the irritation and burning.  Just make a paste and dab it on before getting into the shower.  When I am ready to get out of the shower I wash it off.  This is a great home remedy for bacterial vaginitis.


H2O2 and Vinegar

I was embarrassed by having to call my doctor each month to get another prescription for my bacterial vaginitis - for which I really needed a natural remedy.  I got on line and came across this web site and right away did the hydrogen peroxide with water.  I used a plastic cup and mixed equal quantities of each covering the cotton portion of a tampon.  This had a burning sensation for a minute or so but it was not too bad. I left the tampon in for about a half hour. Then I mixed two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with 8 ounces of water and drank it.  I made a douche out of half white vinegar and half water and used that about an hour after removing the tampon.  The next morning the "cottage cheese" was gone and I was very clean and fresh!  I can say from having tried it that this natural home remedy for my bacterial vaginitis worked great for me.


Boric Acid Natural Remedy for Bacterial Infections

A great way to get rid of your bacterial infections is by using the boric acid natural remedy for bacterial infections. All you need to do is go down to your local health food store and pick up some boric acid suppositories and use them as directed on the label. The reason this works is that research has shown that boric acid in the vagina traps ammonia. Ammonia is natural component of a bacterial infection so if you get rid of the boric acid you get rid of the ammonia that causes the bacterial infection. You should stay on the regiment of this treatment for two weeks even if the symptoms go away.


Garlic Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginitis

Garlic possesses some very powerful anti-biotic properties and works wonders for bacterial vaginitis. You should add garlic into your daily diet so you can rebalance your vaginal bacteria. You can do this either by consuming cloves of garlic or by taking dietary capsules that are full of garlic, either way this is a great natural home remedy for bacterial vaginitis.


Green Tea

When women have bacterial infections it usually indicates that there is an unbalanced amount of bacteria in their vagina which creates bacterial vaginitis. One the best home remedies for bacterial vaginitis is drinking green tea. Green tea helps bring balance to your body so that way it can cure itself. You should drink the tea daily even when you don’t have bacterial vaginitis and drink it twice a day when you do have it. Keep drinking it twice a day for two weeks even after the bacterial vaginitis has cleared up. Not only will it help clear up the bacterial vaginitis but it will help out with the itching.


Sitzs Bath Natural Cure

A great thing to do when you have bacterial vaginitis is to take a nice hot bath with Epsom salt and cedar oil. This combination will lower the amount of bad bacteria that causes the bacterial vaginitis. When you are filling up the tub mix in one cup of Epson salt and several drops of cedar oil.


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