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Grounding or Earthing


Research has shown the earth itself has potent healing power. Nikola Tesla demonstrated that there is a high voltage potential of electrons existing between the ground and the atmosphere. In the healing method known as "earthing" this flow of electrons produces the healing effect. Some say that healing prana or chi also flows into the body in this process. Many chronic maladies can be mostly alleviated or completely cured by simply connecting our body to the earth. Back pain, arthritis, acid stomach, hypertension and much more can be positively affected by grounding a.k.a. earthing.

The simplest most direct form of this is to go barefoot while working in the yard. As an alternative, one can purchase a small square of sheet metal at the hardware store and attach a thin wire from that to the ground prong of an AC outlet in your house. This ground prong is already connected to a grounding stake outside your house or business. Put your bare feet on this while working or sitting. You can purchase a form-fit bed sheet with silver conductive thread from a company at earthing.com and be grounded this way while you sleep. Other earthing products are available at lessemf.com.

If this sounds interesting to you, purchase a copy of the DVD Earthing. It is a well made and very interesting documentary. In the documentary, for example, we see plants side by side, one grounded the other not, demonstrating this profound principal. Also get a copy of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? Look it up on You Tube as there are lots of folks talking about their experiences with earthing.





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