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Ear Congestion Home Remedies & Cures



My mother told me of a home remedy for ear congestion that I tried and had success with.  Two of my siblings and I have suffered from out ears being clogged much of the time for years.  According to this remedy; you need to tilt your head to the side and put some drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear.  Then, repeat this process in your other ear.  When you hear crackles, it’s working.


Every so often wax builds up in my ears causing ear congestion.  The first time this happened I went to a doctor and he took a water plunger and sprayed warm water in my ear until a clump of wax fell out.  A nurse held a pan under my ear to catch the water and wax.  Why pay $100 for that?  At the drugstore I found a rubber bulb with a narrow spout called an ear syringe.  So I get some water going in the bathroom sink as hot as I can comfortably tolerate.  I suck up this water into the ear syringe and squirt it with some force into the affected ear.  After doing this for 10 or 15 times the clump of wax will fall out.  It always blows my mind at how big the clump is!  Usually as big as the end digit of my little finger.  This never fails and it won’t pack the wax in tight or damage your ears like q tips and paper clips.


I have a good one for treating your ear congestion.  You need to go to your local general nutrition center and purchase an ear candle.  You’ll need to lie down and have someone place the ear candle into the troubled ear.  Next they will need to light the candle; then, blow it out.  After the candle has burned down; your blockage and any accompanying pain you had, will have gone away.  My husband had completely lost his hearing in one of his ears.  We tried this approach and were really surprised with the results.  He looked inside the candle after using it and noticed it had extracted a huge amount of debris that had accumulated in his ear over the years.  I know a large number of elderly people who use this method once or twice a year and maintain excellent hearing.


You need to take a very hot shower, then, put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear.  Take some cotton and stuff the ear to prevent the liquid from coming out.  Next, lie down and rest your head on a heating pad that is wrapped in a towel and is set on low.  Lastly, take a Tylenol and an oral decongestant.  


I had experienced ear congestion for several weeks.  I tried a large variety of things to help my condition improve.  I went from Sudafed maximum strength, to antibiotics, to ear candles, and nothing worked.  Finally, someone suggested I visit my doctor.  My doctor explained that these other approaches didn’t work because I have allergies.  He explained that my allergies are preventing my sinuses the time they need in order to decongest.  He told me to go to the store and invest in some Claritin D (24hr, lasting).  I’m starting to get some results as my ears are starting to pop.  I now know there is some hope.  I wish you the best of luck with your efforts.


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