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Dark Circles Under Eyes Natural Home Remedies & Treatments


Almond Oil

One of the best dark circles home remedies is almond oil.  You can buy it at the health food store.  Use this oil to massage around your eyes each night before you go to bed.  Massage for 5 minutes and then leave the oil to soak in while you sleep.


E & C Cream

Find a good cream with vitamin E and C and put that around your eyes at night before bed.



Shea Butter Home Remedy for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Shea butter and aloe vera are both excellent home remedies for dark circles under the eyes.  You can buy a very good organic product with these ingredients from Ocean Lovers.  Shea butter is listed in herbal pharmacopeias for a variety of conditions and so is aloe vera.  This will greatly reduce and eliminate dark circles under the eyes if used every night.  Give it about 30 days and you will see the circles start to fade.


Chinese Medicine for Dark Circles

Traditional Chinese Medicine says that when the Kidney Qi (chi) begins to weaken, there will be the formation of bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes.  When the Kidney Qi is weak, one can experience problems with sexuality, fertility, urinating and metabolizing water.  In more intense cases, one can develop excessive fear and phobias.  When one ages, Kidney Qi will decrease.  This can be accompanied by hearing loss and ringing in the ears.  When menopause occurs, the Kidney yin diminishes and this is related to typical indications of heat and dryness in the body causing dry mucous membranes and skin, night sweats and hot flashes.  The formula Shen Shen Qi Wan is good for strengthening Kidney Qi and can be purchased online. It is best to consult with a traditional Chinese herbalist as the formulas for a specific malady can change from person to person.



It is very important to consider what you eat.  Most disease is the result of our diet.  Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and concentrate on leafy greens, spinach and cabbage.  Have a minimum of two cups of fresh organic spinach each day.  Eat a handful of almonds (raw, unsalted, unroasted) in between meals. 


Asian Pear Home Remedy

Chinese herbalists have long extolled the virtues of the Asian (aka Fuji) pear to disperse dark circles under the eyes. 


Fresh Mint

Get some fresh mint leaves and crush them.  Put in a little coconut oil and apply to the skin under and above your eyes.  This is a very effective natural remedy for dark circles under the eyes.


Rose Water

Dip cotton balls in rose water and put this under your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes every day.  Be sure to use rose water made from true rose essential oil as opposed to synthetic fragrance.



As a dark circles home remedy, finely crush some raw almonds and add a few drops of almond milk to make a paste.  Then put this under your eyes every night and every morning for 10 minutes. This is one of the best natural home remedies for dark circles under the eyes.


Peppers as Remedy

Eat orange, yellow and red peppers as both are rich in vitamin C and iron.  This will help reduce or eliminate the problem.


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