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Vaccines May Cause Asthma & Allergies


In the past 100 years, vaccinations have become very commonplace for children growing up in the USA. These vaccinations begin as early as two or three weeks after birth. The vast majority of children are vaccinated against a variety of diseases, which include tetanus, polio, mumps, whooping cough, flu and measles. Most schools actually require vaccinations as part of the process of being admitted. In the same period of time, cases of asthma and allergy in children have gone through the roof.

Recent clinical studies show that vaccinations received in childhood may contribute to the development of chronic allergic problems such as asthma, ear infections and eczema. While this point of view is controversy all, an increasing number of physicians and scientists hold the position that most standard vaccinations irreversibly upset the developing immune system which paves the way for hypersensitive reactions to various foods and other environmental substances. It has also come to light that common childhood diseases such as whooping cough, mumps and measles may actually lower the incidence of allergies later in life.



Writing in the journal Science in early 1997, a British team of physicians and researchers made this a radical statement: "Childhood infections may paradoxically protect against asthma." The British researchers made a note that the occurrence of asthma has doubled in Western countries since 1977 and, in the USA, asthma is responsible for one third of all childhood visits to the emergency room. This elevating occurrence of asthma appears to be connected more to the absence or suppression of respiratory infections than to air pollution. In European cities that are highly polluted and where the application of vaccinations and antibiotics is lower than in the USA, there will also be lower asthma rates. In contrast, Tucson Arizona has one of the lowest occurrences of dust mites, fungi and molds yet the incidence of asthma is just as high as anywhere else in the country.

This research indicates that diseases such as whooping cough and tuberculosis may permanently change a child's immune system so that they benefit from lifetime protection against asthma. No doubt the researchers were not promoting tuberculosis, but they suggested that the immune system should be moderated by a cell-mediated response, and this occurs most efficiently when an infectious childhood disease is contracted. If this process does not occur, the immune system is left unfettered and prone to overreaction (allergies) to substances that are otherwise harmless.

Substances in vaccines can also cause allergies. There is substantial evidence to suggest that vaccines are the main cause of food allergies. This is a fact that seems to have been forgotten. Since 1839 it has been known that injecting a food protein will produce allergy symptoms in animals. When gelatin is injected along with an alum adjuvant it causes gelatin allergy. Jones-Mote Hypersensitivity Protein-Adjuvant Reactions states that "any pure protein combined with adjuvant can create an immune system response." Injections of food protein into animals is done to induce allergies. It has also been known for some time that egg proteins found in some vaccines can cause children to develop egg allergies. Allergies can be caused by any ingredient in a vaccine.

Some of the known ingredients in vaccines that cause allergies are aluminum adjuvant, calf serum, chick embryo cell culture, hydrolyzed gelatin from pork, MSG, soy peptone broth, casein protein (milk) and many others.

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