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Cracked Heels Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Dead Sea Salt

One of the best cracked heels home remedies is to have a daily routine of cleansing and the putting moisture in.  In the evening hours, soak your feet in warm water to which has been added castile soap and sea salt.  Dead Sea salt is very therapeutic and recommended.   Dead Sea salt has shown very positive results in a number of clinical studies.  Do this for about 10 minutes.  Next rub shea butter into your heels.  Shea butter is one of the best natural moisturizers known and it is healing for a large variety of skin problems.  You can put this on just before bed and cover with socks so the shea butter stays in place. You can get high quality natural bath salts that contain Dead Sea Salt plus Atlantic and Pacific Sea salt from www.ocean-lovers.com.  They also have a very good shea butter with aloe vera in it.  Try it out, it works for me.


I have a problem with cracks in my heels and I use Zim’s Crack Crème.  It’s a product with a funny name but it is a seriously great product as far as I am concerned.


Banana Cure

A great home remedy for cracked heels is to spread a poultice of a very ripe banana on the problem areas.  Let this soak in for about fifteen minutes before cleaning it off.  This is something you can do daily.  Take about an inch of the ripe banana, minus the pealing, and smash it with a fork.  Then apply it.  Another twist on this is to put half of an avocado and half of the meat of a fresh coconut in a blender to make a nice thick paste.  The avocado and coconut both have healing oils.  This can be used to prevent as well as treat cracked heels.


Wash your feet first and then spread on some vegetable shortening like Crisco. 


My all time favorite natural cure for cracked heels is to use a metal foot file.  It is important to not wear shoes that are too small and this is especially true if the shoes have no back like clogs.  If you feet hang over the back of your shoes you will see cracks and calluses


If you are suffering with painful cracked heels, here is a great natural remedy.  First soak you feet in water which has sea salt. The salt will soften your skin.  Then use a foot scrub to further remove dead skin.  This will allow the cracks to heal.


Lemon Juice Cracked Heels Home Remedy

Juice a lemon and put that on your cracked heels for about fifteen minutes.  During this time, keep putting it on as it starts to dry out.  Do this about once a week and you will see improvement.  Lemon juice is a natural acid that is very mild and it will help to exfoliate dry and dead skin so that it can be removed.  After using the lemon juice, work on the thick calloused areas with a foot brush or a loofa sponge.  This will remove the dead skin cells.


Mix together rose water and glycerin and apply that as a home remedy for cracked heals.


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