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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Treatment with Diet 



While it should be obvious, the foods that are eaten will in turn determine whether the bowel movement is painful or not, whether to stool is big, small or hard or soft.  Physicians are typically people of science, and it's easy to see how they tend to prescribe drugs as a solution to something that can instead be treated by a change in diet.  One reason for this could be that the foods that cause digestive problems are the same foods that these physicians eat themselves.  This very fundamental principle likely strikes a fear in many of these health professionals, as this could be considered a personal threat to them and their eating habits and lifestyles.  

Fiber is a very misunderstood and oft misused term in today's medicine.  Stool should not contain any animal components (dairy is the worst for your body).  It should be low in fats and high in fibers.  This will be the remainder of all food after all the digestive processes are completed.  Many people believe that fibers are coarse bristles that work like a broom to clean out the colon.  This is simply untrue.  Fiber is actually a broad word that is used to label complex chains of sugar molecules.  These linkages are usually resistant to being broken down during normal digestive processes.  What's left are soothing fibers that are soft and helpful to the digestive tract.  If a stool in the digestive tract is too soft, these fibers help to absorb water and work to regulate the stool. 

Irritable bowel syndrome will improve immediately if the diet is changed to one that is rich in fresh (freshly frozen works well, too) plants and is starch based. 

Even a person with nerves of steel can be brought to a near emotional collapse with diarrhea and bowel pains that seem to never end.  However, it's important that you do not blame yourself for your irritable bowel syndrome.  Doctors may try to tell you that the cause of it is stress, your emotional make up or a tranquilizer deficiency.  Instead, try to turn all of your attention to your intestines.  If you focus your energies on diet and eating healthy foods, the contents of your intestines will improve.  Once you begin your starch-based plant-rich diet without animal components, you'll be amazed by how quickly you'll feel better with regards to a disease that doctors today view as “psychological”. 

Try to switch to your starch-based plant diet immediately.  This will essentially fill up your digestive tract with the correct foods, and this can be done quickly.  If you are still occasionally suffering from bowel problems, you'll learn to avoid certain foods that can cause these allergic reactions.  These are typically citrus fruits and wheat.  Avoid these when making the transition to your new diet.  You may need medication when beginning your new diet, and your medical professional can address whether or not you need to be taking any drug.  When trying to rid yourself of irritable bowel disease, you'll want to follow the Elimination Diet. 

With colitis, you may find that spicy foods (typically the “hot spices”) like Indian curries or Mexican salsa can trigger your symptoms.  Simply eliminate these spices from your diet to help control your unpleasant side effects. 

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