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Persons suffering from allergies can benefit from the broad range of applications offered with homeopathy. A homeopathic solution that contains very small diluted doses of the substance causing the allergy can be prepared. This will induce the body’s natural ability to heal the condition. As an example for someone with sensitivity to ragweed pollen, a diluted solution of this may be given by injection or under the tongue. It will often cure the person's reaction to the substance. It is common in Europe for hay fever sufferers to start a course of homeopathic pollen remedies several months prior to the rising pollen count. To do this, it is best to see a homeopathic practitioner as the prescriptions can vary from person to person.


Mother's Milk

Infants who were fed mothers milk are less likely to develop allergies later in life. Delaying the feeding of solid foods and prolonging breast-feeding allows an infant's immune system to mature.



Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

To reduce the discomfort of inflammation caused by allergic reactions try the herbs stinging nettle, licorice and ginkgo biloba. Allergy symptoms can also be reduced with ephedra, Chinese skullcap and feverfew.



Many have reported being rid of allergies as a result of taking one or two teaspoons of MSM daily. This is a non-toxic mineral with the same toxicity as water. It is an anti-inflammatory and often taken for arthritis pain.


Bioflavonoids Allergy Natural Remedy

To control allergies take bioflavonoid supplements such as vitamin C, glutamine, bromelain and quercetin.


Garlic and Cayenne

For sinus allergies home remedy, take garlic and cayenne pepper together.


Comfrey and Juniper

For allergies, take the capsule form of the herbs comfrey and juniper.


No Refined Foods

Avoid refined foods rich in sugar and dairy products.


Dolomite et al

For allergies, take dolomite supplements, vitamin C, and pantothenic acid. This is one of the best natural home remedies for allergies.


Eyebright & Goldenseal

Combine eyebright teas and goldenseal to make an eye wash.  When the tea has cooled off, fill a dropper bottle and apply to irritated eyes.


Bee Pollen and Parsley

Use bee pollen and parsley for an allergy home remedy.


Raw Local Honey

Take one teaspoon of local honey that you can find at a natural or herbal store.  Don’t get store bought honey.  My son threw up every morning with horrible allergies.  I began giving him a teaspoon of honey for a three week stretch of time.  He feels excellent as it’s been months he has been free of allergies.


Ear Candles

To treat: allergies, headaches, migraines and  sinusitis, use the Ear Candling approach.  I started making Ear Candles which are a hollow cone used to break up any impaction and stimulate the lymphatic system to drain.  You take the cone and light it and allow the smoke to enter the ear.


Gradual Adaptation

If  your child has an allergic reaction to Chlorine in the pool; the allergy can go away by gradually getting he/she used to swimming in the pool.  Take them and make them take swimming lessons.  This will get their bodies used to the chlorine.  This is what my mum did for me!


Juicing as Allergy Home Remedy

Try juicing carrots, beets and cucumbers as a great home remedy for allergies.  Do this once each day until symptoms subside.


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