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Burping Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Avoid Gum & Candy as Burping Natural Home Remedy

When you have something in your mouth like candy or gum you tend to suck in more air than you normally would, which can cause you to burp a lot. If you burp a lot and you are a chronic gum chewer you should stop.


Full Mouth Home Burping Remedy

If you suffer from burping it could be from eating with your mouth open. When chewing your food with your mouth open you tend to breathe in pressured air which can lead to burping. So if you want to stop your burping problem, you should chew your food with your mouth shut so you won’t breathe in the pressured air. This is a good home remedy for burping.



People that stress out a lot tend to breathe in larger amounts of air which can cause a lot of burping. Try relaxing as a home remedy for burping. When you relax you tend to slow down your breathing and decrease the amount of air you breathe in which can decrease your chances of burping.


Avoiding a Cold

When you’re coming down with a cold it means that you will have a postnasal drip which causes you to burp. Stay away from colds by taking your daily vitamins and minerals, eating healthy, and getting plenty of exercise. By taking really good care of yourself, it should help decrease your chances of getting sick.


Carbonated Home Remedy for Burping

If you want help decrease your problems with burping, you should consider avoiding carbonated beverages as a home remedy for burping. When you drink beverages that are carbonated such as beer or soda, it brings air to your stomach which needs to come out in the form of burping. So this just means you should reduce the amount of carbonated beverages you drink on daily basis.


Eating Slow Burping Home Remedy

When you eat fast, you take in more air which can lead to a lot of burping. If you want help fix your burping problems, try eating smaller bites and chewing them more slowly. This should greatly decrease your chances of having a burping problem.


No Straw Home Remedy for Burping

When you use straws to drink your beverages, you not only suck up liquid but air too. This can cause air pressure on your stomach, which might cause you to burp more than you should. You should avoid using straws as much as possible and it will greatly decrease your chances of having a burping episode.


Being Active Home Remedy for Burping

Not staying active after eating a meal can cause you to burp more. When you stay active, it forces your burps to come out instead of letting them build up like they would when you just sit or lie around the house. So if you keep active after every meal you will decrease your chances of a burping episode. This is one of the best natural home remedies for burping.


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