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Freckles Home Remedies



Freckles can be lightened by mixing 1 tablespoon of unpasteurized honey with a quarter cup of unripened currants.  Mash these items together and make into a face mask.  After wearing the mask for thirty minutes, rinse your face with warm water.  After rinsing with warm water, lab some fresh lemon juice that has been diluted with filtered water on your freckles. 

* * *

Diet as Home Remedy for Freckles

While there is no magic diet or food that can prevent or instantly lighten your freckles, there are some food that you can eat that help to keep your skin healthy and can reduce the appearance of freckles.  Be sure that you consume lots of fresh organic vegetables and aim to eat lots of vitamins A, B (all complex) and C.  Dry skin can be alleviated by consuming vitamin B5.  This is found in nutritional yeast, wheat germ, cabbage, eggs and milk.  You can also consume lots of essential fatty acids like flax seed and cold-pressed vegetable oils to have supple, healthy skin.  Vitamin C is also important for healthy skin and a lower amount of freckles.  The sun's harmful rays can be less damaging to your skin if you consume lots of vitamin C.  You can get vitamin C from rosehip tea, red and black currants, green onions, apples and citrus fruits. 

* * *

Whenever you have to be out in the sun, be sure that you use a good quality sun screen that has a high SPF factor.

* * *

Be sure to always wear a hat with a very broad rim whenever you are out in the sun.  This broad rim will help to protect your skin from the direct sunlight and its harmful rays.  The sun rays damage skin and will cause freckles to darken.

* * *

One of the best home remedies for freckles is to simply avoid going outside between 10 AM and 4 PM.  This is when the sun's rays are at their maximum. 

* * *

Face Mask as Freckles Home Remedy

A good home remedy that works wonders to lighten freckles is a homemade face mask.  Make the mask with a gram of flour mixed with lemon juice.  Once this is thoroughly mixed, add honey, cucumber juice, carrot juice, rose water and milk to the mixture.  Leave the mask on your face for about fifteen minutes and rinse off completely. 

* * *

Freckles can be removed using a mask made from a paste of banana and mint leaves.  This should be applied to the entire face on regular occasions.  This will help to remove freckles. 

* * *

To treat both freckles and blemishes at home, you can apply fresh buttermilk to the face.  After a bit of time (about fifteen to twenty minutes), wash the face with warm water.  This will help to lighten freckles and treats pimples. 

* * *

If your skin is particularly oily and you wish to remove freckles, try this great home remedy.  Soak a tablespoon of lentils overnight.  In the morning, mix the soaked lentils and grind thoroughly in milk.  Apply the paste all over your face. 


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