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Influenza Natural Home Remedies




Back rubs are great when you are feeling your best, but they are especially healing and relaxing when suffering from influenza.  Back rubs are one of my favorite natural and home treatments for influenza and its symptoms.  Receiving a back rub can be very beneficial when fighting the influenza. Back rubs are not only incredibly relaxing, but the rubbing helps to stimulate the immune system and rids the body of the virus more quickly.  This helps the body to fight infections (including that pesky influenza virus).  Have someone rub your back when you first begin to notice signs and symptoms of the influenza and you'll find yourself feeling better quickly! This natural remedy is also a great natural remedy for treating influenza. 

* * *

Honey and Lemon

While powerful on their own, honey and lemon are even more effective as a natural remedy for influenza when mixed together. When you're suffering from the influenza, try to squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon into a mug of warm water.  Add some honey to sweeten the drink.  Consume this mixture frequently throughout the day, and you'll quickly notice that this home remedy works wonders at fighting influenza and its many awful symptoms. 

* * *

Ginger & Pepper Home Remedy for Influenza

A favorite homemade drink in my household that we use to battle influenza is made with ginger and pepper.  To make this homemade drink, all you have to do is boil some crushed (fresh) ginger with a small amount of black pepper (a few pinches should be plenty) in some clean filtered water.  Once the water is boiled and the pepper and ginger are incorporated together, remove from the heat and steep for about five to ten minutes.  Strain the mixture into a clean mug.  You can sweeten the drink by adding honey if you prefer.  Make this drink a few times a day, and you'll notice a fast improvement in your symptoms.

* * *

Sore throat is a common complaint when suffering from influenza.  A sore throat is not only incredible uncomfortable, but it can also interfere with one's ability to eat properly.   To soothe a sore throat quickly, this home remedy works better than anything else.  Simply dissolve a small amount of salt in warm water and gargle.  This works better than any medicine for a sore throat. 

* * *

Drinking plenty of fluids is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to fight the influenza.  I love to make a homemade tea of sage and boneset.  This home remedy is not only very effective at treating my influenza symptoms, but it is also wonderful for breaking up any congestion in my chest (usually that mucous that I can never seem to cough up) and also helps to bring down a fever.  I'll drink a cup of this tea three times a day for up to five days for a quick improvement in my symptoms.  You'll love how much better you feel by reducing your fever and breaking up some of the accumulated mucous. 

* * *

Body aches are a tell tale symptom of influenza – and one of the most uncomfortable.  These aches and pains can be felt in your bones and even in your eyes.  I have found that one of the best treatments for these aches and pains associated with the influenza is eupatorium perfoliatum. This home remedy is unmatched when used to aggressively treat a body that is aching due to a influenza infection.  

* * *

If you find that your influenza symptoms are mainly a fever, body aches and all over chills, then gelsemium supplements are what you need.  These supplements are best when you are not feeling thirsty, but instead are experiencing these other symptoms.  This is one of the best home remedies for influenza. 

* * *

Nux Vomica

When I have a common cold that has developed into a severe influenza infection, I have found that nux vomica is one of the best natural home remedies to treat the influenza.  This all-natural treatment works on my severe cold and influenza symptoms every time. 

* * *

Lobelia and Catnip as Influenza Home Remedy

High fever is a very dangerous symptom of the influenza.  Making a homemade tea is a great way to reduce fever, and this concoction is sure to work every time.  Simply make a mixture with a half of a teaspoon of lobelia tincture mixed with catnip tea.  Drink this in equal parts every four hours.  Do not use this influenza home remedy if you are breast-feeding or are pregnant.  This drink should also not be given to any children that are not yet one year old.  If you follow these few basic precautions, this will quickly become one of your favorite treatments for fever associated with the influenza. 


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