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Mastitis Natural Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments


Empty Breasts

Try to keep the breast empty.  This is a simple natural cure for mastitis that works very well because it can be painful to have any milk in the breast when the ducts are infected.  Continue breastfeeding even if there is pus that is coming from the nipples.  If it is impossible for you to fully empty the breast, try to empty the breast artificially.  You may also find that hot water is very effective for helping you to empty the breast and cure your mastitis.  The nipples should be rinsed with hot water about three times a day.  Ice packs are also a great way to treat mastitis and help with swelling, but it is important that you do not allow the ice packs to touch your nipples. 

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Vinegar and Rosemary Mixtures

You can try making natural mixtures as a treatment for mastitis.  Vinegar is a great way to naturally treat masititis.  Mix a teaspoon of white vinegar with one cup of water.  Pour this over the nipples and allow it to air dry.  Another one of my favorite home treatments for mastitis is to mix one cup of boiling water with three to four teaspoons of dried rosemary.  Allow the rosemary to steep for about ten minutes. 

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Dandelion Root Compresses

Dandelion root can be compressed and applied to breasts that are affected with mastitis as a great home remedy.  This home remedy offers quick relief for mastitis. 

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Garlic as Natural Remedy

Try garlic as a simple and very effective natural remedy for mastitis.  The infection can be cured quickly.  Simply eat about three cloves of garlic a day.  It is important to remember that you can take garlic with orange juice. It some cases, the taste of the garlic may cause your baby to reject your milk because of taste.

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Tea Tree Oil

Apply tea tree oil directly to the breast.  This is a great topical treatment that works wonders as a natural treatment for mastitis. It should not be applied where it can come in contact with your baby.

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Rest as Natural Cure

Rest and slow down.  If you find that you are suffering from mastitis, get into bed and take your clothes off and your baby's clothes off as well.  Once in bed, get comfortable and nurse as much as possible.  Mastitis is nature's way to tell you that you are going too quickly and that you and baby need to spend quality time together nursing.   

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Massage is such a simple yet powerful and effective home treatment for mastitis.  When feeding, try to massage the breast toward the nipple.  It is also important to try to nurse your baby on the affected side first.  This should be done often.  Try to massage the breast between feedings as well.  This will help to unblock any clogged ducts. 

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Oregon Grape Root Tincture

Treat your mastitis using the home remedy of a tincture of Oregon grape root.  This should be done about three to four times daily. 

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Fenugreek Poultice

A great natural home remedy for mastitis is to make a fenugreek seed poultice and apply it topically to the breast.  This has long been used as a cure for mastitis and works very well.  To make the poultice, soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water.  In the morning, crush the soaked seeds and make a paste.  Spread the newly made paste over a warm cloth.  This should then be applied directly to the breast.  You will notice your symptoms quickly relieving themselves with this great home remedy.  Repeat this as often as necessary until the infection is completely cured. 

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