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Measles Natural Home Remedies & Treatments



Low Lights as Natural Remedy for Measles

The eyes become very sensitive to light with measles, and this can be especially true for children.  An easy solution for this is to keep the lights low and very dim.  It can also be helpful for your children to wear sunglasses. 

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Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Measles

A very powerful home remedy for measles is a mixture of 250 milligrans of saubhagyavati, 120 milligrans for kasturi bhairava, 125 milligrams of swarn amakhshik bhasma and 125 milligrams of shringa bhasma.  These should all be mixed together and consumed every four hours. 

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Pao D’arco Bark and Echinacea Tea

Make your own tea to treat measles.  Not only is this tea healthy, but it's a wonderful natural remedy to fight the measles and help you feel better faster.  Mix three teaspoons of yellow dock root with one teaspoon of mullein leaf, three teaspoons of pau d'arco bark and two teaspoons of Echinacea root.  Combine all of these ingredients together, then mix one teaspoon into one cup of boiling water.  Allow the mixture to steep for twenty minutes before straining and drinking.  This should be done twice a day.  If you feel like it, feel free to increase the dosage to two tablespoons per one cup of boiling water. 

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Perhaps one of the best approaches for measles is to simply get some rest.  Your body needs time to recover and resting properly is the best way to accomplish this. 

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Humidifier as Natural Treatment for Measles

If you find that you have a sore throat with the measles, a great remedy for this is to make the air easier to breathe by using a humidifier. 

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Eggplant Seeds Natural Remedy for Measles

Eggplant seeds as a great natural home remedy for measles.  Try to eat about one half to one gram of these seeds every day.  This should be done for three days.  After the three days, you'll find that your immune system will be stronger and your measles symptoms should be diminished. 

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