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Menstruation Natural Home Remedies



If you experience cramps monthly with your period, a great natural treatment is to use bitters or tumeric extract twice a day.  You should do this during the two weeks prior to the beginning of your menstruation.  While it's commonly accepted that your lifestyle and diet have a direct influence on your monthly cycle, it's important to note that turmeric can greatly reduce the severity of these cramps.  Turmeric is a natural antispasmodic, and it works wonders to soothe the smooth muscles of the uterus.  Give this one a try!

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Homemade Herbal Tea as Ayurvedic Treatment

Try this wonderful ayurvedic herbal tea.  You can make it by combining equal parts of the herbs ashwagandha, vidari and tagar.  To make the tea, only one teaspoon of the herb mixture needs to be mixed with warm water.  Drink your herbal tea after lunch and dinner and you'll soon see wonderful results in your monthly cycle.

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Castor Oil

Menstruation can be painful and uncomfortable.  Ease your pain naturally with castor oil.  Simply apply the castor oil to your lower abdomen and you'll quickly be relieved of the pain and discomfort. You can saturate a cloth with the oil, cover it witll a piece of clear plastic wrap and then place a hot water bottle on it.

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Kaishore Guggulu

Kaishore guggulu is a tablet that works really well  I take one tablet twice a day when I'm on my period and I find that my monthly flow is not as heavy and my cramps aren't as painful.

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Roasted Cumin Seeds

A great home remedy that my mother and grandmother taught me when I first started having really awful period cramps is so easy to do.  I love that this remedy is simple and can be done using items that you probably already have in your home.  Simply roast some cumin seeds on your stove in a non-stick pan.  Do not add any oil to the seeds when roasting.  When you can smell the cumin, remove the pan from the heat and allow the cumin seeds to cool.  When cooled, chew a teaspoon of the seeds very slowly.  When you have fully chewed the seeds, wash them down with a tablespoon of aloe vera juice. 

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Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in high concentration in pineapple.  Bromelain helps to relax smooth muscles, especially those in the uterus.  During your period, try to take anywhere from two hundred and fifty to five hundred milligrams of bromelain three times a day.  You'll find that your cramps will be greatly lessened. 

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Folic Acid

My main problem with menstruation was irregularity.  In fact, I hadn't had a period for about two years.  After I knew that this was a big health problem, I began to take folic acid tablets daily.  Now, I've been getting my period regularly for the last three months.

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I have found that my period cramps can be eased by drinking a large amount of water before my period starts.  Sometimes I feel bloated and bigger than usual (I always feel bloated around the time of my period, but drinking water seems to make it worse), but when my period finally does start, I've found that the cramps are MUCH better.  I also sit in a bath as hot as I can stand it, and allow the heat to soothe my aching muscles.  These two home remedies along with relaxation are the best things you can do for menstruation.

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I think that exercise is one of the best home remedies for painful menstruation.  I try to walk a mile a day, even when I'm in severe pain from my cramps.  Simply moving around and allowing my blood to flow is a great way to lessen my cramps. 

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Wild Yam Cream

Try putting wild yam cream on your stomach and lower abdomen for painful menstruation cramps.  This is a great natural remedy for cramps and really helps with the pain.  I tend to have extremely painful periods, and this is the only thing that I've found that works well for me.  You can find wild yam cream at your local health food store.  Give this a shot and good luck!

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