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Plantar Warts Natural Home Remedies


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a fantastic natural treatment for plantar warts, and can be used either in gel form, or directly cut from the tips of the plant.  Because it gets absorbed so quickly, be sure that you apply a generous amount to the wart.  Once the wart is soaked with aloe vera, cover it with a bandage.  You can reapply the aloe vera several times throughout the day.  It is also important that you peel away any dead skin as it begins to flake off. 

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Woodpoppy is a great natural remedy for plantar warts.  Woodpoppy is a plant that flowers in the spring with yellow flowers that look like daisies.  Anytime anything is broken on the plant, an orange liquid that appears to look like a dye is released.  Apply the orange liquid to your plantar wart and cover. 

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Hypnotism for Plantar Wart Home Remedy

I tried cryotherapy, laser treatments, and every natural remedy under the sun to get rid of my plantar wart.  Oddly enough, it was hypnotism that finally got rid of them.  By the time I tried this, I was desperate! I did weekly sessions for about eight weeks, and I haven't had a plantar wart since, and it has been almost a decade.  Give it a try!

* * *

Hydrogen Peroxide and Dream Cream

Purchase some Dream Cream from Lush (it's a store that sells all natural bath products).  Clean the wart very well using hydrogen peroxide, then cover with Dream Cream.  Once it is fully slathered, wrap the wart in duct tape.  You should be healed within a week!

* * *

Fish Oil

I was able to get rid of my plantar wart by taking a fish oil supplement.  Apple cider vinegar also worked well for me, but I didn't apply it directly to the wart; I drank the vinegar daily instead.  Some people have had good luck by purchasing a kit over the counter to get rid of these pesky plantar warts, but these tned to hurt and cause excessive skin peeling. 

* * *

Kaseesadi Taila Oil

You can visit your Ayurvedic practitioner's office and obtain some Kaseesadi Taila oil and apply it directly to the wart.  Once covered, cover the wart with a clean cotton bandage. 

* * *

Cashew Oil

A great Ayurvedic treatment for plantar warts is to apply cashew oil to the wart.  This will irritate the wart and cause it to eventually fall off. 

* * *

Papaya Plant Milk

Milk from a papaya plant is a great Ayurvedic treatment for removing plantar warts. 

* * *

Clove Oil

Plantar warts can be removed within a week by a direct application of clove oil to the wart daily. 

* * *

Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry Extract

Treat plantar warts with Amalaki or Indian gooseberry extract.  You should apply this topically to the wart for at least a week.  Once you have applied the extract to the wart, be sure that you completely cover it with a clean cotton bandage. 

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An easy home treatment for plantar warts is to simply rub some onion on the affected area. 

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Raw Potato

Raw potato is also a great home remedy for plantar warts. Tape on a piece overnight.  Will take a week or two of treatments.

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Diet Home Remedy for Plantar Warts

Some Ayurvedic practitioners believe that people that are suffering from plantar warts need more than simple remedies and topical treatments to get rid of them.  People looking to get rid of their plantar warts should also take a good look at their diet, and make necessary changes.  They should make sure that they eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially papaya, mangoes, and oranges.  Vegetables that are helpful with treating plantar warts include any green vegetables.

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