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Angina Pain Causes and Symptoms



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Angina is an experience of pain in the chest and is caused when there is an insufficient supply of blood to your heart muscle.  There may also be the sensation of a squeezing pain or pressure in the chest.  Sometimes, angina feels much like indigestion.  Also, there may be pain in the arms, neck, shoulders, back or jaw.

 Angina is the result of coronary artery disease or CAD (also known as atherosclerosis), which is the most common form of heat disease.  CAD occurs when plaque, a sticky substance, forms on the walls of the arteries which deliver blood to the heart.  This causes a reduction in the flow of blood to the heart muscle.

 We categorize angina in three ways:  Variant, unstable and stable.  The most dangerous of these is unstable angina.  This angina follows no identifiable pattern and may occur without any physical activity.  It will not respond to medicine or rest and is a signal that a heart attack may soon occur.

 Not all discomfort or chest pain is angina.

As aging occurs in Western societies, we expect to experience clogged arteries. This creates a blockage of the flow of blood to the brain, heart, legs and penis.  This clogging is called atherosclerosis and is often experienced as painful angina.  We should pay close attention to the fact that these problems rarely occur in populations that have a diet that is low in processed and animal-derived foods.  Examples of these populations can be found living in rural Africa, Asia and Central and South America.  The substance that clogs the arteries is made of live tissue which means that it can heal if given a chance.  Atherosclerosis can be reversed. To remove this clogging and thus reduce angina pain, one should follow a strict diet that is low in fat and with no cholesterol. Cholesterol is only found in animal foods such as meat and dairy products.  One will have immediate results including the relief of angina pain and the ability have more exercise.  This can be seen within days of adopting a low fat vegan (no meat; no dairy) diet. Bypass operations fail to extend life in most all people and produce serious side effects such as permanent brain damage.


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